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Manatee School Board Agenda Results: 6/3/2013


BRADENTON – The Manatee School Board unanimously approved Superintendent Rick Mills' District Re-Organization Plan - as well as that plan's revised job descriptions for various top-level personnel positions during a special meeting on Monday. Also during the meeting, Deputy Superintendent Don Hall went over details of the press conference that took place earlier in the day, including the proposed re-organization chart that is part of the aforementioned plan, and the review of various steps that Mills' administration has taken since April.


1. Agenda Amendments

CALL TO ORDER (5:00 p.m.)

2. Call to Order
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Moment of Silence


5. Chair Opening Remarks
During her remarks, Board Chair Karen Carpenter acknowledged the massive number of emails addressed to the school board that she has received in her email account, opposing the teacher layoffs. Saying she received more than 1700 emails, mostly from parents and grandparents, whom she said she "expected ... would support their children and their children's teacher."
Carpenter also acknowledged "the other activity that most of us participated in during a weekend of celebrating", the graduation of the class of 2013, and the press conference from earlier in the day, where the District's Economic Recovery Plan report - which she remarked was now available on the board's website - was addressed.


6. Superintendent Comments
Superintendent Rick Mills deferred his comments to Deputy Superintendent Don Hall, who summarized what was addressed at the press conference earlier, to give clarity "on the proposed re-organization chart and additional staff positions (in it)."

Hall said that "one of the things we did at the press conference was try to walk the press with the journey of how we've moved from the beginning (of Mills's team) to where we are today." He talked about one of many handouts that board members received on Friday, which he said was the Superintendent's action steps taken during his first 73 days, "which (shows) how the actions align" with Mills's 100 day plan.

The transition team that came in from April, Hall acknowledged, "did a significant study of the District and its operations, financial status, (etc.)...to determine its efficiency, strengths, and many other areas." Hall also talked about how the Financial Recovery Plan presented to the board in May was based upon the Economic Recovery Plan, and how one of the long-term goal of Mills's administration was to "change focus, accountability, and improve academic performance."

PUBLIC COMMENT (5:10 p.m.)

7. Public Comment

Linda Schaich and Peggy Martin, two of the speakers during Public Comment, implored the board to hire from outside the county for various positions mentioned in Mills's Re-Organization Plan.


8. Approval of Superintendent's Re-Organization Plan for 2013-2014 Fiscal Year (passes unanimously - full story can be viewed here)
Attachment: Proposed Instructional Structure, 052313.pdf
Attachment: Proposed Operations Structure, 052313.pdf
Attachment: Proposed Superintendent Structure, 060313 updated 5-29.pdf
Attachment: Proposed Instruction Structure, 060313 updated 5-29.pdf
Attachment: Proposed Operations Structure, 060313 updated 5-29.pdf

9. Approval of New and Revised Job Descriptions as Part of the Superintendent's Re-Organization Plan for 2013-2014 Fiscal Year (passes unanimously - full story can be viewed here)
Attachment: Director, Comm & Family & Community 6-3-13.pdf
Attachment: Strikethrough Director, Communications & Family & Community.pdf
Attachment: Investigator, OPS, 6-3-13.pdf
Attachment: OPS Job Desc w-strikethroughs, 6-3-13.pdf
Attachment: Executive Director, Curriculum and Professional Learning.pdf
Attachment: Executive Director, Curriculum and Professional Development w Striketrhough.pdf
Attachment: Director , Research and Assessment Job Description.pdf
Attachment: Director, School Improvement Job Description revised.pdf
Attachment: Director, District Support Job Description.pdf
Attachment: Director, Budget, 6-3-13.pdf
Attachment: Chief Information & Tech Officer, 6-3-13.pdf
Attachment: Exec Dir Human Resources 6-3-13.pdf
Attachment: Director, Human Resources, w-strikethroughs.pdf
Attachment: Director, Personnel, 6-3-13.pdf
Attachment: Director, Benefits and Total Compensation, 6-3-13.pdf
Attachment: Director, Risk Management, 6-2013.pdf
Attachment: Director, Risk Management w-strikethroughs.pdf
Attachment: Director, Planning & Performance Mgt, 6-3-13.pdf
Attachment: Director, Capital Projects, 6-3-13.pdf
Attachment: Director, Construction Services, w-strikethroughs.pdf

ADJOURNMENT (6:30 p.m.)

10. Adjournment


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