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Manatee School Board Agenda Results: August 26, 2014


BRADENTON – At Tuesday's meeting, the Manatee School Board voted to table a number of significant items, including a contract that would put $1 million toward armed security for elementary schools; and a $384,000 contract for health services with Compass Professional Health Services. In other business, public hearings were held on consideration of adopting an amendent to the district's student progression plan, as well as allowing the district to make electronic funds transfers. The board also added an addendum to the proposed contract between the disrict and the highest bidder for the sale of the district's Parent Information Center, which put the agreement of the deal back in the buyer's court.

CALL TO ORDER (5:45 p.m.)

1. Call to Order
2. Invocation
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of the Orders of the Day (Motion to approve items 5 and 7 from orders of the day, and to table the remaining items to the next board meeting approved unanimously)
Attachment: 082114 Agenda Item - Security Services.pdf
Attachment: 150031T.pdf
Attachment: 150031BL JDE.pdf
Attachment: 150031BL VL.pdf
Attachment: Board Material - 08-26-14 - REVISED 08-21-14.pdf
Attachment: 082514 Agenda Item Update - Security Services.pdf
Attachment: Addendum 08-26-14.pdf

AGENDA AMENDMENTS (Info Only) (5:48 p.m.)

5. Agenda Amendments




6. Opening Remarks by Julie B. Aranibar


7. Opening Remarks by Rick W. Mills


8. Legal Department Update
9. Audit Committee Update
Attachment: Req'dPlanningComm-Signed - Highlighted.pdf
Attachment: Audit Committee Report August 26, 2014.pdf

10. Internal Audit Update
Attachment: 1c -MCSD WC Report w Mgmt Response rev 20140325 Final.pdf
Attachment: MTI Draft Report Survey FW.pdf
Attachment: MTI Draft Report Survey S.pdf
Attachment: Progress Report August 26 2014.pdf
Attachment: Project 2 V2.pdf
Attachment: SBMC Executive Summary 07312014 1.pdf

11. Child Abuse Training Update
Attachment: Child Abuse Board Presentation 08-19-14.pdf

12. Operations Update
Attachment: Purchasing Process for Food Supply 2014.pdf

13. Fund Balance Update


14. Public Comments

PUBLIC HEARING (7:35 p.m.)

15. Public Hearing for Consideration of Adopting an Amendment to Policy 4.9, Student Progression Plan (Passed unanimously)
16. Public Hearing for Consideration of Adopting New Policy to 7.9.1, Electronic Funds Transfers (Passed unanimously)
Attachment: Electronic Funds Transfer draft.pdf


17. Approval of Minutes (Passed unanimously, with tabling of attachments for tri-county meeting minutes until next meeting.)
Attachment: W081214.pdf
Attachment: R081214.pdf

CONSENT ITEMS (7:50 p.m.)

Approval of Consent Agenda  (Passed 4-1, with board member Dave Miner dissenting; Miner advised he wished to have item 21 removed from consent agenda to allow for further discussion, and made a failed motion to do so. Gause suggested the board have a workshop concerning legal fees.)

18. Approval of August 26, 2014 Consent Agenda (Items #19 - 41)
Purchase(s) Bids $100,000.00 and Under

19. Approval of Contract Extension for the Use of the School Board of Desoto County Bid for Catalog Discount Term Contract, MCSD No. 15-0017-MR, Not to Exceed $50,000.00
20. Approval of the Use of the School Board of Pinellas County Proposal for Banking Services, MCSD No. 15-0027-BS, Not to Exceed $40,000.00 Annually
21. Approval to Purchase Legal Services for Staff, MCSD No. 14-0055-BS, Not to Exceed $45,832.40 Revised
Purchase(s) Bids Over $100,000.00

22. Approval of District Bid on Miscellaneous Office Supplies – Catalog Discount, MCSD No. 15-0005-BS, Not to Exceed $150,000.00
Attachment: 150005 Bidders List VL.pdf
Attachment: 150005 Bidders List JDE.pdf
Attachment: 150005t.pdf

23. Approval of Renewal (1) Education and Institution Cooperative Purchasing Agreement for Digital Imaging Products, Accessories, Supplies, and Services, #CNR01229, MCSD No. 13-0034-SM, Not to Exceed $110,000.00 Per Year
Attachment: Amendment #5 CNR01229.pdf

24. Approval to Purchase Annual Maintenance Agreement and Hosting Services for FOCUS Student Information System, MCSD No. 15-0028-SM, Not to Exceed $179,040.80
Attachment: Manatee SIS Hosting PS.pdf

25. Approval to Use the State of Florida Library Furniture Contract, #420-590-07-1 for Laptop Charging Carts, MCSD No. 15-0033-SM, Not to Exceed $240.000.00
Attachment: 150033BL.pdf

Contracts and Grants

26. Approval to Apply, Accept and Expend the Grant Applications for Selected Federal Programs in the Amount of $11,992,840.35
27. Approval of Purchase of Test Prep Systems dba Progress Testing’s Hillsborough NonTested Item Bank (HiNT)
Attachment: HiNT Contract.pdf

28. Approval of the Proposal to Host New Community Radio Station WUNI-94.5 FM at Manatee Technical Institute
Attachment: Community Radio-MTI.pdf

29. Approval of the New Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and a New Provider for Clinical Experience for Manatee Technical Institute (MTI) Practical Nursing Students for the 2014-2017 School Years
30. Approval of the Renewal Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and Provider for Clinical Experience for Manatee Technical Institute (MTI) Medical Assisting Students for the 2014-2017 School Years
31. Approval to Renew the Contract Between PACE Center for Girls, Inc. and the School Board of Manatee County for the 2014-2015 School Year
Attachment: PACE 2014-15 Contract.pdf

32. Approval to Renew the Contract Between Manatee County Girls Club, Inc. d/b/a Just for Girls, and the School Board of Manatee County for the 2014-2015 School Year
Attachment: Just for Girls 2014-15 Contract.pdf

33. Approval to Renew the Cooperative Agreement Between the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and the School Board of Manatee County for the 2014-2018 School Years
Attachment: DJJ 2014-18 Contract.pdf

34. Approval to Renew the Contract Between Duette Education Foundation, Inc., and the School Board of Manatee County for the 2014-2015 School Year
Attachment: Duette 2014-15 Contract.pdf

35. Approval to Renew the Contract Between G4S Youth Services, LLC, and the School Board of Manatee County for the 2014-2015 School Year
Attachment: G4S 2014-15 Contract.pdf

36. Approval of Renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and the School Board of Manatee County for the 2014-2015 School Year
Attachment: MOU Friendship Ctrs 8-14-14.pdf

37. Approval of the Contract Between the School Board of Manatee County and Charles Stewart in the Amount of $75,000.00 for the 2014-2015 School Year
Attachment: Charles Stewart Contract.pdf

38. Approval of the Revised Agreement for the 2014-2015 Early College Program Manual and Articulation Agreement between the School Board of Manatee County and the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, Not to Exceed $207,000.00
Capital Projects

39. Approval of Southeast High School - Drainage Improvements - Change Orders 1 and 2 - Agreement Between Owner and A.D. Morgan Corporation - Reduction in the Amount of $64,040.36
Attachment: Southeast High Drainage Improvements Summary Sheet.pdf
Attachment: Southeast High Drainage Improvements CM CO 1 & 2.pdf

40. Approval of Manatee Technical Institute 34th Street Campus - Interlocal Agreement for Cedar Hammock Fire Control District Training
Attachment: 08.26.14 ILA for Cedar Hammock FD Training at MTI West.pdf



42. Leaves for August 26, 2014 Board Meeting
Attachment: Leaves for 08-26-14.pdf

NEW BUSINESS (Discussion Items Pulled from Consent) (7:55 p.m.)

Purchase(s) Bids Over $100,000.00

43. Approval of Proposal for Security Services, MCSD No. 15-0031-SM, Not to Exceed $1,005,757.92 (Tabled to next board meeting)
Attachment: 150031T.pdf


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