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MAP-21 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act


BRADENTON -- At Monday's MPO meeting, Whit Blanton of the Renaissance Planning Group  delivered a presentation of how to plan for a new reality at the helm of the MPO. The MAP-2, a new federal transportation law that shoots to change many metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), in how they develop plans and fund them.


Blanton came to the MPO meeting Monday to explain the law and offer direction to how he and Renaissance Planning Group could navigate Sarasota / Manatee's MPO through all that the new law has to offer in developing its 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan.


The presentation updated the way we think about planning; the value premium in walkable places was never as valuable as it is today, and it is more than a trend. The value of a house is worth $4,000 to $34,000 more if most of what's needed is within a walkable distance and also increases the value of commercial property as well. 


The largest of the demographics groups are baby-boomers and their children, nearly half of the population. Renaissance says, "Over one half of development on the ground in 2025, will not have existed in 2000. They say by 2025 only about one quarter of the households in the U.S. will have children in them.


Renaissance sees new priorities for future generations. Now at the top of the list are jobs, safety, schools, protecting neighborhoods and water quality. It sees tomorrow with greater accountability, flexibility and alignment of resources.


The planners who see this different reality, we will be living in, know it starts with the vision, the math, lots of science and then finally, it must be marketable. 


The basics for MAP-21 program, is a two year authorization of federal transportation funding for status quo and start-up programs. The compromised between the House and Senate versions of the bill was signed by President Obama on July 6, 2012. 


MAP-21 changes the way in which the MPO will restructure their program consolidation around seven national goals. Those goals are: Safety, Infrastructure condition, Congestion reduction, System reliability, Freight movement andd economic vitality, Environmental sustainability and Reduced project delivery days.


Conversions would be popular, like using old railroad tracks for new trails, safe routes for non driver, the construction of new corridors and some changes would suffice by just changing paint in the road.


Criteria for funding New Starts, must offer mobility improvements, be cost effective and offer congestion relief. 


MAP-21 is a short term funding bill with long term implications for planning processes. Many of the details will be spelt out as they are implemented. Where can you watch and effect those outcomes? By attending your MPO meetings and voicing what is important to you. 


The Bradenton Times will be following all of the actions the Sarasota / Manatee MPO takes.



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