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MCSO Deputies and Employee of the Month


Deputy Dan Durrance and Deputy Christopher Folds were able to rescue an unconscious woman who was pinned under the dashboard of a burning vehicle after a crash. Shiela Turner went above and beyond to help get an at-risk child into a better situation. They are the Manatee County Sheriff's Office Deputies and employee of the month.

From MCSO:

On July 25th, 2014, while driving on University Parkway, Deputy Dan Durrance noticed a traffic crash ahead where a car had rear-ended a truck and there was a plume of smoke rising. When he arrived on scene, he found a woman unconscious in the front seat, pinned underneath the dashboard with the engine compartment on fire. A man had already been dragged from the vehicle. Deputy Durrance relayed the information over the radio and returned to assist the woman. Deputy Christopher Folds arrived on scene and he and Deputy Durrance began to throw tiles from a pallet that had fallen from the truck and was blocking the passenger door of the car where the woman was trapped As the fire moved into the passenger area, they worked feverishly to free the woman, while trying to suppress the flames with a fire extinguisher. Deputy Folds then ripped the car door away from the frame just as the passenger compartment filled with flames. Deputy Durance and Deputy Folds were finally able to pull the woman from the car to safety and also warn observers to move back.

For their quick response and heroic actions that saved a life, Deputy Dan Durrance and Deputy Christopher Folds are awarded Deputy of the Month for August 2014.

On May 23, 2014, Sheila Turner was asked to assist a co-worker to make a diligent attempt to locate a family with an infant, where the mother had a history of drug abuse and family violence. Sheila was not able to locate the infant by the end of her shift. On the following Saturday, she learned that the on-call unit had received several new cases and Sheila was concerned that the volume would affect the abilities for diligent efforts on the cases. Sheila volunteered to come in on her day off and was able to locate the child and devise a safety plan with the grandmother. Ultimately, Sheila was able to provide the courts with evidence to shelter the infant from the mother. The attorney on the case praised her work and the judge also made positive comments about her and the agency.

For her efforts that went above and beyond her assigned duties, but ensured the safety and well-being of a child, Sheila Turner is awarded Employee of the Month for August 2014.

TBT salutes these public servants for their contributions to this community.


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