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MCSO Deputy and Employee of the Month


BRADENTON – Upon his arrival at a crime scene, Deputy Adesh Ragoonanan delivered key first aid treatment to a stabbing victim. Diana Colman used successfully recovered a stolen bicycle from a shop where it had been pawned, returning a teen's sole source of transportation to work and school. They are the Manatee County Sheriff's Office Deputy and Employee of the Month.

On May 19, 2013, Deputy Adesh Ragoonanan was at home when his spouse summoned him to check out a suspicious person outside near his MSO vehicle. Without hesitation, Deputy Ragoonanan went out and found two subjects; one who had been stabbed in the chest and was bleeding. He rendered first aid to stop the bleeding and kept the victim conscious while also obtaining key investigatory information.

Suddenly, the suspect appeared and began walking towards him and the victim. Deputy Ragoonanan directed the other person on the scene to apply pressure to the wound as he relayed information to responding deputies. When Deputy Ragoonanan confronted the suspect, he fled on foot, but Deputy Ragoonanan focused his attention on the victim and did not pursue.

Due to his abilities to observe, respond and relay information quickly, the victim survived his wounds, no others were harmed and a suspect was developed, for which Deputy Adesh Ragoonanan is awarded Deputy of the Month for June 2013.

On April 11, 2013, Diana Colman was conducting a call-back on a bicycle theft from Central High School. The victim’s mother provided a detailed description and relayed that the bike was her son’s only source of transportation to/from work and school; she also gave information that the bike was at a pawn shop.


Diana checked the RAPID reporting program and got negative results, but decided to go to the store. Based on the description, the pawn shop clerk brought out a bike that matched; a hold was placed and the bike was later released to the owner. It was determined that there was a problem with the RAPID system at the pawn shop, so the property did not register properly.


For her diligence to follow-up on information provided, despite negative results from the computerized process, Diana Colman is awarded Employee of the Month for June 2013.


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