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MCSO Deputy and Employee of the Month


BRADENTON – Detective John Hurd disarmed a suspect in a drug sales investigation, who had seen the arrest team arriving during an undercover sting, leading to an arrest, while avoiding a potentially deadly incident. Jill Freel was off duty when a neighbor cut off his finger in a miter saw action. She was able to control the bleeding and even collected the severed figure, hoping it could be reattached. They are the Manatee County Sheriff Department's Deputy and Employee of the Month. 

From MCSO:

For several months, Detective John Hurd was involved in a drug sales investigation where he was unable to identify the suspect. In September, an arrangement was made to meet the suspect and purchase drugs. The suspect approached his vehicle, got into the front passenger seat and made the transaction. The suspect saw the arrest team arriving and pulled a gun on Detective Hurd. Detective Hurd recognized the threat and were able to disarm the suspect.

His quick reactions to this threat prevented a deadly incident, for which Detective John Hurd is awarded Deputy of the Month for September 2013. 

On July 27, 2013, Jill Freel’s neighbor was in his driveway working with a miter saw. Jill was in her back yard when she heard a scream and ran to find that her neighbor had cut off his finger with the saw. Jill took action to control the bleeding and kept him calm while waiting for EMS to arrive. Jill also found the detached finger on the ground and placed it in a bag, hoping it could be reattached. EMS arrived and transported the man to the hospital, but the finger could not be reattached.

For her quick reaction to render assistance in this serious injury, Jill Freel is awarded Employee of the Month for September 2013. 


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