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Metropolitan Planning Organization Agenda Results 3/24/2014


BRADENTON -- At Monday's MPO meeting, members discussed, at length, the University Parkway/I-75 Double Diamond design proposed to relieve traffic in the Lakewood Ranch area. In other business, the board got a look at additional MCAT and SCAT routes that would be servicing the LWR area.

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance             

Confirmation of Quorum

I. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC -- (Items not on the agenda)

Citizen Ronnie Snyder returned to the MPO to discuss the importance of putting street lights on University Parkway, from I-75, west to the Bradenton/Sarasota Airport (SRQ). Snyder has appeared before MPO members many times to describe how unsafe this 5.1 mile stretch of unlit 4-lane highway can be, and wanted to know why nothing has happened to remedy the situation. Snyder certainly got a response at this MPO meeting, and had half of the members on board before the 25-minute discussion was over. (Full Story)   


The Chair of the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), Stanley Hochman, and the Chairs of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), Alex Davis Shaw, and Bicycle/Pedestrian/Trails Advisory Committee (BPTAC), Claude Tankersley, will update the MPO on those committees’ activities and provide the MPO Board an opportunity to direct questions. -- Manatee County Deputy Director of Traffic Management, Sage Kamiya, delivered the report to members. Kamiya said the last CAC meeting was on March 10, and that they discussed the U.S. Highway 41 roundabout.

Bob DiSabatino gave a demonstration on the Funding Opportunities for Biking and Walking. Disabatino displayed a matrix that guided the user to project types and their connected grants for funding. DiSabatino also reported on the decline in Complete Street funding from states around the country, and reminded the board of the endless benefits Complete Streets bring to any community.    


FDOT will provide the MPO with an update on activities and issues and provide the MPO Board members an opportunity to direct questions. -- On State Road 64, the final asphalt has been applied and the project should be done in early April. FDOT is working on an information-only website and it will soon be available. MPO Chairman Larry Bustle again brought up the University Parkway /I-75 double diamond proposed project that he and Manatee Commissioner Betsy Benac had brought up earlier.


The MPO Executive Director, Michael Howe, will update the Board Members on activities and issues. -- Howe wanted to congratulate the MCTV crew and added the MPO is looking at "countdown" traffic signals for some circumstances. Howe said the State Legislature is now reviewing MPO's requests. 

Howe gives credit to Planning Manager, David Hutchinson for his diligence.  


The MPO Chair, Manatee County Commissioner Larry Bustle, will update the Board Members on activities and issues. -- Bustle again emphasized focusing on the University Parkway/I-75 double-diamond proposal and the need to prioritize it.  

VI. CONSENT SECTION All matters listed under the Consent Section are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion.  There will be no separate discussion of these items.  If discussion is desired by an MPO Board member, that item will be removed from the Consent Section and will be considered at the end of the section.

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes

Staff will seek a motion to approve the January 27, 2014 Meeting Minutes of the Sarasota/Manatee MPO Board meeting. 

2. FDOT District One Regional Planning Model Agreement

Staff will seek a motion to approve and authorize Chair signature. 

             Consent Agenda -- Approved, Unanimous 


1. Appointment of Members to the Transportation Regional Incentive Program (TRIP) /Regional Trails Negotiating Committee

Appointment of Members to the Regional Priorities Negotiating Committee. -- From Sarasota, Nora Patterson volunteered, and from Manatee, it was Betsy Benac, both -- Approved, Unanimous  


1. Lakewood Ranch Transit Service Study  -- 

A report on the MPO’s Lakewood Ranch Transit Service Study by Consultant, Tindale Oliver. -- Richard Dreyer, Director of Business Development for Tindale Oliver & Associates, conducted a study to analyze potential transit demands and develop a set of transit service alternative for Lakewood ranch, to develop better access (by both MCAT and SCAT) to the rapid growing area. Dreyer's route recommendations would serve Lakewood Ranch, S.R. 64 and University Parkway.  

2. Transportation Management Center (TMC)/Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) Update and Traffic Signal/Traffic Operations Issues -- Jeffery Orenstein asked MPO members to consider running public transportation to the LWR area after the current 8:30 p.m. cut-off time, to at least 9:p.m.   

An update will be provided on the TMC and ATMS implementation and discussion of processing traffic signal and traffic operation issues.


1. Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA) -- Commissioner Benac only announced the newest member to the TBARTA team, MPO member and North Port Vice Mayor Rhonda DiFranco

2. Public Transportation Task Force (PTTF) -- SCAT starts new route July 12, to University Mall. 



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