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Plant beats Manatee 21-14


09:54:03 PM Time runs out. Final score, Plant 21, Manatee 14.

09:53:22 PM Plant takes a knee. Manatee can't stop the clock. 35 seconds left.

09:52:25 PM Carnes scrambles, throws long to Ace Sanders, who had it but lost it. Turnover on downs.

09:51:41 PM Delay of game against Manatee. 5 yard penalty. 4th and 15.

09:50:48 PM Carnes scrambles in trouble, another incomplete pass. 4th and 10. Manatee is going for it.

09:49:59 PM Another incomplete pass, this time over the middle. 3rd and 10. 1:18 left.


09:49:06 PM Carnes long pass incomplete. 2nd and 10. 1:22 left.

09:46:46 PM 4th and 2 for Plant. Plant goes for it. Stops clock to see where ball is spotted. Manatee stopped them. Turnover on downs to Manatee. 1st and 10 for Manatee at the 20. 1:27 left. Plant timeout.

09:45:46 PM Plant run ends short of the first down. 1:34 left. Timeout Manatee.

09:45:11 PM 3rd and 3 for Plant at the 22.

09:43:53 PM Handoff for a couple of yards. Manatee calls timeout again. 1:42 left.

09:41:45 PM Plant handoff for 5 yard gain. 2nd and 5 at the 25. Manatee calls timeout.


09:41:02 PM Plant handoff works, good gain for a first down. First and 10 for Plant at 30.


09:39:38 PM 2nd and 4. Handoff for short gain. Not enough for a first down. 3rd and 3 with less than 2:45 left.

09:38:28 PM Pass complete to Chris Dungy, run for a first down. 1st and 10 for Plant at the 45.


09:37:45 PM Chris Pompey stops run after Plant pitch. 3rd and 13on the 21.

09:36:53 PM 1st and 10 on the 25 for Plant. Handoff for no gain.

09:36:05 PM Didn't make it. Turnover on downs. 1st and 10 for Plant.

09:35:21 PM Carnes pushes. Very close. May be short. Measurement.

09:33:50 PM Carnes pitches to Blakely. It's close. Just short of the first down. 4th and inches. Manatee will go for it.

09:32:58 PM Carnes to Bundrage pass complete for gain. 3rd and 4.

09:31:38 PM Third and short. Push gets Manatee a first down with 8 minutes left.

09:30:51 PM Handoff to Blakely for short gain. 2nd and 4.

09:29:57 PM Manatee's Sanders catches it. Stopped near midfield. 1st and 10 at the 45.

09:29:11 PM Plant QB fumbles, Plant recovers way back, driving punt team into end zone.

09:28:14 PM Flag before snap. False start on Plant, 5 yard penalty, 3rd and 14.

09:27:35 PM Plant pass over the middle incomplete. 3rd and 9.

09:26:54 PM Manatee defense stops another run.

09:26:10 PM Handoff on third down leads to gain for first down.

09:25:32 PM Short gain, shy of first down, for Plant to start fourth quarter.


Fourth quarter

09:21:52 PM Plant lets the clock run out after a short run.

09:20:55 PM Manatee kicks off to Plant. Ball over the goal line for a touchback. First and 10 for Plant on the 20.

09:20:10 PM Extra point is good. Plant 21, Manatee 14, with 37 seconds left in the third quarter.

09:19:20 PM Blakely bulls his way in for a touchdown. Plant 21, Manatee 13.

09:18:25 PM Carnes pass to wide open Blakely for an 87 yard gain.


09:17:55 PM Third and 15 after unsuccessful handoff and run.

09:16:55 PM Flag. False start on the offense. 5 yard penalty. 2nd and 15 from the 11.

09:16:03 PM Carnes pass incomplete on first down. 2nd and 10 on the 16.

09:14:38 PM Plant long pass on 3rd and 7 incomplete. 4th and 7. Plant to kick it away. Sails out of bounds inside the 25. 2 minutes left in the third quarter.

09:13:55 PM Second and 12. Plant pass complete, but shy of first down.


09:12:14 PM First and 10 for Manatee. Pass tipped and intercepted by Plant on first play from scrimmage.

09:11:27 PM Manatee onside kick recovered by Manatee.

09:10:04 PM Extra point is good. Plant 21, Manatee 7.


09:08:52 PM 4th and 6 for Manatee on the 35. Manatee goes for it. Complete pass to Quentin Bundrage for a touchdown. Plant 21, Manatee 6.

09:07:44 PM Carnes falls back, keeps play alive, runs and gains yardage, but not enough for a first down. Plant player appears to be injured.

09:06:37 PM Carnes falls back, tries to find receivers, holds ball too long and is sacked for a big loss. Third and 23.

09:08:52 PM 4th and 6 for Manatee on the 35. Manatee goes for it. Complete pass for a touchdown. Plant 21, Manatee 6.

09:05:37 PM 2nd and 7. Flag on the snap. False start on the offense. Five yards, and repeat second down. Second and 12.

09:04:30 PM Handoff to Blakely, who runs for a first down.

09:01:47 PM 4th and 13. Plant punts to Manatee from end zone. Lands around 50 yard line, where Manatee takes over.

09:01:15 PM On 3rd and 13, long pass incomplete.

08:59:58 PM Plant knocked back to 5-yard line on run try. Second and long.

08:58:40 PM Plant is first and 10 on the 15. Handoff across the 20, flag on the play. Holding on Plant. 10 yard penalty, repeat first down.

08:57:04 PM Carnes, in trouble, tries to find an open receiver, falls back, slips on the turf for loss. Going for it on 4th and 28. Pass is complete but short for turnover on downs.

08:55:46 PM Incomplete pass. Third and 11. Handoff to Blakely. Inside the five, but a flag on the play. Short of the first down. Holding in space against Manatee. 10 yard penalty, repeat third down.

08:54:39 PM Another false start penalty against Manatee. 2nd and 11.


08:53:46 PM Short pass complete, run to the 9.


08:53:20 PM False start 5-yard penalty on offense. First and 15.


08:52:27 PM Handoff and run to the 9. First and 10 on the 11.

08:51:40 PM Another pass caught and run for a first down. First and 10 at the 32.

08:50:20 PM Carnes complete pass to the opposite 45 for a first down.

08:48:52 PM Squib kick run back to the 40.

08:44:08 PM Start of third quarter. Kickoff to Manatee.

Third quarter

08:25:54 PM Plant takes a knee. Lets the clock run out. End of the first half.

08:25:05 PM Carnes throws over the middle, almost intercepted. Turnover on downs. First and 10 for Plant on the 14.

08:23:23 PM Fourth and 9, Manatee going for it. Plant calls a timeout.

08:22:53 PM Pass to Sanders, incomplete in the end zone. 20 seconds to go.

08:22:22 PM Very short pass to Blakely, he runs to the 15 with the clock running out.

08:21:15 PM First and 10 from the 14. Pass over the middle incomplete.

08:20:38 PM Pass interference against Plant. 15-yard penalty, first down.

08:19:48 PM First and 25, Carnes pass incomplete. Flag on the play.

08:18:56 PM Pass caught out of bounds in end zone. Flag on the play. Holding on Manatee. 10-yard penalty, first down.

08:18:20 PM Carnes runs for a first down inside the 23.

08:17:32 PM Blakely runs, dives for a first down, but doesn't make it. Gain of 7, second down and 3.

08:17:02 PM Blakely run picks up a first down at the 30.

08:16:07 PM Carnes throws pass intended for Sanders, but it's incomplete. Third and 2 on 32.

08:14:13 PM Carnes again to Sheehan for another gain. Plant calls a timeout.

08:13:42 PM Pass to David Sheehan caught for a first down.

08:13:11 PM Shovel pass for a 5-yard gain.

08:12:28 PM Sanders gets ball on a reverse, runs for a first down.

08:11:38 PM Carnes throws incomplete pass. Second and 10 at the 20.

08:10:19 PM Carnes calls third and final timeout for Manatee in the first half.

08:09:37 PM Kick into end zone, automatic touchback. First and 10 at the 20 with 3:06 to go in the half.

08:08:18 PM Plant kicks off to Manatee.

08:06:49 PM Plant RB Wilder nearly tackled, throws off two Manatee defenders for 41-yard run for touchdown. Plant 20-0 over Manatee. Extra point is good. Plant 21, Manatee 0.

08:06:08 PM Plant pass blocked. Third and 9

08:04:42 PM Plant pass complete, run to 35. Then handoff for 3-yard gain.

08:03:48 PM Flag on the play. Holding penalty on offense. 10-yard penalty, third and 18.

08:02:53 PM Plant long pass incomplete. Third and 9 at 45 for Plant.

08:02:13 PM Five minutes left. No gain run by Plant.

08:00:58 PM Manatee punts. Plant calls for a fair catch at the 45.

08:00:24 PM Carnes throws incomplete pass on third and long.

07:59:15 PM Blakely gains a couple of yards on the first play.

07:56:50 PM Punt bounces at 5 into end zone for a touchback. First and 10 for Manatee at the 20.

07:55:53 PM Plant QB under pressure throws incomplete pass. They'll punt on fourth down.

07:55:09 PM Manatee defense stops run at the 43. Third and 11.

07:53:57 PM Plant completes a pass and makes it across the 50.

07:52:44 PM Manatee goes for it on 4th and 12. Carnes sacked for a turnover on downs.

07:52:04 PM Carnes out of the shotgun runs and evades, runs out of bounds.

07:49:30 PM Manatee thrown for loss of 3 yards.

07:48:45 PM Sanders catches it, run and evades and makes it to the 2607:50:46 PM Manatee timeout with 8:14 left. Third and 13 after unsuccessful screen pass by Brion Carnes was nearly intercepted.

07:48:02 PM Blakely catches a pass from Carnes, runs for a first down.

07:47:17 PM Sanders catches it, runs it back to the 31.

07:46:18 PM Another flag. Offsides against Plant for another 5 yards. Kicking off from the 20.

07:45:40 PM Delay of game penalty of 5 yards against Plant.

07:45:12 PM Plant kicks off to Manatee.

07:43:50 PM Plant kicks extra point. Plant leads 14-0.

07:43:08 PM Touchdown Plant. Plant leads 13-0 with 9:44 to go in the first half.

07:42:34 PM Second and goal after run inside the 5.

07:40:51 PM Long run by Plant, but late flag on the play. Personal foul and face mask against Manatee. Half the distance to the goal and a first down.

07:39:56 PM Penalty on Manatee for encroachment. Five-yard penalty.

07:38:30 PM Start of second quarter. Plant completes pass across 50. First down.

Second quarter

07:35:21 PM First down Plant. End of first quarter.

07:34:30 PM Plant a yard short of a first down. Third and one.

07:33:28 PM Plant runs for a first down.

07:32:01 PM Plant has a five-yard return. First and 10 on the 13.


07:31:15 PM Screen pass and run comes up short. Manatee punts.

07:30:20 PM Snap to running back, tried to run, loss of yardage. Third and 19.

07:29:12 PM Penalty on Manatee. 1st and 15 on the 48.

07:27:34 PM Manatee gets ball back, completes a pass for a first down.

07:26:45 PM Personal foul, roughing the kicker on the punt.

07:25:43 PM Long, long pass to Ace Sanders incomplete on 3rd and 20.

07:24:08 PM Flag on the play. Intentional grounding by QB Carnes. Five yard penalty and loss of down.

07:23:05 PM Ace Sanders runs out of bounds on a handoff for a first down.

07:22:16 PM Manatee timeout.

07:18:58 PM Kickoff to Manatee, return to the 33.

07:16:19 PM Extra point is good. Plant is up 7-0.

07:15:23 PM Plant touchdown by Eric Dungy. Plant up 6-0.

07:12:21 PM Plant moving downfield for a first down at the 33.

07:10:33 PM Now to the 50.

07:09:45 PM Long run for Plant to the 40.

07:07:28 PM Getting ready for the kickoff. Plant to receive.

First quarter

07:01:31 PM Here we go. At first, it looked like NHL hockey, but then it changed back to football.

06:59:09 PM Sitting through a few loud ads on TV now.

It's 6:40 p.m. and I'm ready for the kickoff at 7 p.m.


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