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Schools and Education Manatee School Board Meeting Agenda Results: 11/12/2012


BRADENTON – Budget woes were center stage again on Monday, at the last Manatee County School Board meeting before the new board is seated. Other business from the meeting included updates on the search for a permanent superintendent, as well as an update on the progress of the district's audit committee. 

1. Agenda Amendments - p.6 

ATTENDANCE (5:45 p.m.)
2. Attendance - p.7

CALL TO ORDER (5:45 p.m.)
3. Call to Order - p.8
4. Lakewood Ranch High School Color Guard - p.9
5. Pledge of Allegiance - p.10
6. Invocation - p.11
7. Approval of the Orders of the Day - p.12 (passes 5-0)
Attachment: Agenda Item - Retired Educators Day.pdf
Attachment: Governor's Proclamation re Retired Educators.pdf

8. Wall of Honor - p.13

9. Farm City Week Proclamation - p.14
Attachment: Farm City Week Proclamation.pdf

10. Retired Educators Day Board member Karen Carpenter spoke Governor Scott's proclamation for Retired Educators Day, written by Governor Rick Scott. Ms. Carpenter proposed a motion to accept the proclamation, which passed 5-0.
Attachment: Governor's Proclamation re Retired Educators.pdf

11. Audit Committee Report - p.16 Chief Internal Auditor Ed Daugherty stood in for Audit Committee Chairman Jim Toomey to give the board an update on the progress of the audit committee. He said that resigned superintendent Tim McGonegal as well as board members Julie Aranibar and Barbara Harvey were interviewed that day, and that one with board member Robert Gause was scheduled for Thursday.
12. Superintendent Search - p.17 Board Chair Harry Kinnan gave an update on the district's search for a new permanent superintendent. He advised that the advertising for the position had been placed on national job and education websites, and that the district's website had been updated to include a link to information about the search for a new permanent superintendent, as well as applicants for the position.

13. Public Comment - p.18 Public comments provided another chapter in the ongoing story of the dismal 2012-2013 district budget, with finance watchdog Linda Schaich again alleging before the board that she had not received crucial information about the budget, and Board Attorney John Bowen rebutting her claims. For the full story on the dispute, click here.
Also during comments, Board Chairman-elect and longtime school district watchdog Dave Miner paid tribute to Mr. Kinnan, saying that he and his mother, Marjorie Kinnan, had "done much, and we owe you for it." Mr. Kinnan then thanked him for his kind words. Mr. Miner concluded his remarks by saying that board meetings, which often begin with celebrations and commendations of various achievements of district staff and students, "should also be meetings to initiate action," and advocated increased transparency for the public's benefit. Ms. Aranibar then thanked both Mr. Miner and Mr. Kinnan for each's military service.

PUBLIC HEARING (6:27 p.m.)
14. Public Hearing for Consideration of Adopting Amendment to Policy 5.13, Local Wellness - p.19 (Motion to approve amendment passes 5-0)
Attachment: Proposed Amended 5.13 Local Wellness Policy.pdf

APPROVAL OF MINUTES (6:35 p.m.) (Motion passes 5-0)
15. Approval of Minutes - p.20
Attachment: W102212.pdf
Attachment: M102212.pdf
Attachment: W102912.pdf

CONSENT ITEMS (6:38 p.m.)
Approval of Consent Agenda

16. Approval of November 12, 2012 Consent Agenda - p.21 (Motion passes 5-0)
Purchase(s) Bids $100,000.00 and Under

17. Approval of the Use of the Education and Institution Cooperative Purchasing Agreement for Digital Imaging Products, Accessories, Supplies, and Services proposal No. 1085, MCSD No. 13-0034-SM - p.22
18. Approval of Renewal (1) on Approval of the Use of Florida Community College Proposal for Employee Assistance Program, MCSD No. 10-0035-RH - p.23
Purchase(s) Bids Over $100,000.00

19. Approval to Purchase Desktop Management System Maintenance Agreement, MCSD No. 13-0032-SM - p.25
Attachment: invoice 2012 II.pdf

20. Approval of Rejection of Bid on CNC Lathe, MCSD No. 13-0031-SM - p.27
Contracts and Grants

21. Approval of New Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and Heritage Park Care and Rehabilitation for Clinical Experience for MTI Practical Nursing, Nursing Assistant and Patient Care Technician Students for the 2011-2014 School Years - p.28
22. Approval of the New Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and Blake Medical Center to Provide Programs for On-The-Job Training for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Students for the School Years 2012-2015 - p.30
Attachment: Blake Medical Center Agreement.pdf

23. Approval of Amendment of Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and HCA Health Services of Florida, Inc., dba Blake Medical Center for Clinical Experience for Paramedic Students for the 2012-2013 School Year - p.31
24. Approval of Renewal of the Transportation Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and the Coexistance, Inc. t.a. Embracing Our Differences for School Bus Field Trip Transportation Services for the 2012-2013 School Year - p.33
Attachment: Coexistence Contract.pdf

25. Approval to Renew the Contract for Discovery Education, Inc. for the Period of October 1, 2012 – September 30, 2013 - p.34
Attachment: Discovery Contract 09-24-12.pdf
Attachment: Discovery Education Manatee Usage Report.pdf
Attachment: Discovery Education Supporting Documentation.pdf

Human Resources

26. Approval to Accept the Waiver of the Provisions of Article XII, Appendix B, Section G of the Master Contract between the Manatee County School Board and the Manatee Education Association (MEA) in regard to Freedom Elementary School - p.36
Attachment: Freedom Elem - Team Leaders 11-12-12.pdf

27. Approval to Accept the Waiver of the Provisions of Article XII, Appendix B, Section G of the Master Contract between the Manatee County School Board and the Manatee Education Association (MEA) in regard to Tara Elementary School - p.37
Attachment: Tara Elem - Team Leaders 11-12-12.pdf

28. Approval of the Appointments, Change of Assignments, Deceased, Promotions, Reappointments, Reassignments, Recommendations for Professional Service Contracts, Resignations, Retirements, Terminations and Transfers - p.38
Attachment: Resume - Kirsten Lawlor.pdf
Attachment: Board Material 11-12-12.pdf


29. Leaves for November 12, 2012 Board Meeting - p.39
Attachment: Leaves 11-12-12.pdf

NEW BUSINESS (Discussion Items Pulled from Consent)
NEW BUSINESS (Non-Consent Items) (6:40 p.m.)

30. Approval of Budget Amendments for September 2012 - p.40 (passes 5-0)
Attachment: AUG - Budget Amendment Summary - BOD.pdf

31. Acceptance of the Year to Date Financial Statements through September 2012 - p.41 (passes 5-0)
Attachment: September 2012.pdf

32. Approval to Adopt the Amended Recommended Order Rendered by the Administrative Law Judge, with the Exception as set forth by the Superintendent, and Suspend the Employment of James A. Withers for Ten Days - p.43 (passes 5-0)
Attachment: Withers - ALJ Amended Recommended Order 10-12-12.pdf
Attachment: Withers - Petitioners Proposed Exceptions to Recommended Order 10-23-12.pdf

33. Approval to Terminate the Employment of Employee, Faye A. Williams, or Suspend Employee Without Pay and Grant an Administrative Hearing, if a Hearing is Requested - p.45 (passes 5-0)
Attachment: Williams - Administrative Complaint 10-17-12.pdf

34. School Board Workflow Items - p.47

35. School Board Proposed Agenda Items - p.48

36. Comments by John Bowen - p.50 Mr. Bowen expressed gratitude for serving Mr. Kinnan, and said that the public has been well-served by the chair over the years.

37. Comments by Dr. David Gayler - p.51 Dr. Gayler also thanked Mr. Kinnan for his service, calling him a gentleman and a man of integrity.

BOARD COMMENTS (7:11 p.m.)
38. Board Comments - p.49 All board members thanked Mr. Kinnan for his service, and presented him with an award for it. Mr. Kinnan thanked the board, and said that he had been "fortunate to work with people that care about children." He also said that public service has been "part of the fabric of the Kinnan family," and urged the board to continue their support of JROTC in Manatee County schools. He said it was important for the board to show unity because it inspires the same.

ADJOURNMENT (7:40 p.m.)
Adjournment of Meeting

39. Adjournment - p.52


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