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Schools and Education Manatee School Board Meeting Agenda Results: 12/11/2012


BRADENTON – Monday's school board meeting ran longer than usual, as much time was given for lengthy discussion of several items, including consent agenda items. The run time for the meeting may become a standard under the new board, which seemed to be more thorough and deliberate in going through the agenda than the previous one. Updates were given on the forensic audit for the 2012-2013 budget, as well as the search for a new superintendent, and two items were pulled from the agenda for further review.


1. Agenda Amendments - p.7

ATTENDANCE (5:45 p.m.)

2. Attendance - p.8

CALL TO ORDER (5:45 p.m.)

3. Call to Order - p.9
4. Pledge of Allegiance - p.10
5. Invocation - p.11
6. Approval of the Orders of the Day - p.12 (passes 5-0)
Attachment: M112012.pdf
Attachment: Addendum for December 10, 2012.pdf
Attachment: W120412.pdf


7. The Sunshine State Scholars and Promoting Regional Interest in Science and Mathematics (PRISM) Teacher and Student Recognition - p.13


8. Audit Committee - p.15 Committee Chairman Jim Toomey did not have much to report in his update to the board on the Audit Committee's progress. He said that roughly $70,000 has been spent so far on the auditing process for the troubled 2012-2013 budget. After Mr. Toomey ended his remarks, Vice Chair Julie Aranibar noted that the Audit Committee's content for public comments was not currently included in agenda documents (on the website) and ought to be. Mr. Toomey responded by saying that  that he will look into getting public comments transcribed by the committee's video records of the meetings.
9. Superintendent Search - p.16 Board Chair Karen Carpenter said that the names and backgrounds of the candidates for the board's next superintendent will be posted on the district's website, and that there will be 5 finalist candidates by January 9. She also advised that the candidates will be independently screened by the board. Ms. Carpenter promised "a very fair and balanced and rigorous process," and said that interviews with the candidates will be taped. 
10. Central Florida School Boards Coalition - p.17 Board member Barbara Harvey said she had nothing to report on this item as there was no CFSBC meeting this week. 


11. Public Comments - p.18 Addressing spending and public dollars, Linda Neeley spoke out against payout clauses in contracts with future employees: "As we're searching for a superintendent, please negotiate for the public ... and try and avoid any payout costs in a contract with a future employee that will be out of the dollars for our kids."

APPROVAL OF MINUTES (6:30 p.m.) (passes 5-0)

12. Approval of Minutes - p.19
Attachment: M111212.pdf
Attachment: M112012.pdf
Attachment: W120412.pdf

CONSENT ITEMS (6:33 p.m.) (passes 5-0; items 15 and 33 withdrawn for further review)

Approval of Consent Agenda

13. Approval of the December 10, 2012 Consent Agenda - p.20
Purchase(s) Bids $100,000.00 and Under

14. Approval to Purchase CNC Lathe for Manatee Technical Institute, MCSD No. 13-0036-SM - p.21
15. Approval of the Use of the TCPN Proposal for Maintenance Services, Equipment Upgrades, Repairs, and New Installations for Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walkways, Terminal Bridges, and Baggage Handling Systems, MCSD No. 13-0035-MR - p.22
Purchase(s) Bids Over $100,000.00
Linda Schaich made a request to speak on item 15, specifically in regards to the its implied need for new installations for elevators. She told the board that she had consistently been unable to get information on exactly how many elevators the district currently has, and questioned whether the invoices the district received for elevator inspections had a correct total number of elevators - thus, whether the district was being overcharged for inspections and repairs on elevators. "I really feel that we need to have a tally of how many there are," Mrs. Shaich said. After Mrs. Schaich concluded her remars, board member David Miner brought up removing the item so that the district's elevator situation could be looked into further. Dr. Gayler recommended that the item be removed from the meeting's agenda.

16. Approval of Bid for Lawn Maintenance Services, MCSD No. 13-0030-MR - p.24

Attachment: 130030t.pdf
Attachment: 130030 BL.pdf
Attachment: 130030 BL Vendor LK.pdf

17. Approval of the Use of the Polk County School District Bid on Liquefied Petroleum, Bid #003-MHH-0713, MCSD No. 13-0037-SM - p.26

Contracts and Grants

18. Approval of Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement with St. Petersburg College and the School Board of Manatee County for the 2012-2013 School Year - p.27
Attachment: Dual Enrollment Atriculation Agreement with St. Pete College.pdf

19. Approval of Contracts Between the School District of Manatee County and RMC Research, Incorporated for the 2012-2013 School Year - p.28
Attachment: RMC narrative budget FD.pdf
Attachment: RMC narrative budget LF.pdf
Attachment: RMC Research Contract, $32,000.00.pdf
Attachment: RMC Research Contract, $33,000.00.pdf

20. Approval to Apply, Accept and Expend the Florida Department of Education Entitlement Funds for Assessment and Evaluation for the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) in the Amount of $10,760.16 Through June 2013 - p.30
Attachment: PERT Grant 12-10-12.pdf

21. Approval to Apply, Accept and Expend the Florida Department of Education Voluntary Prekindergarten Assessment Implementation Grant in the Amount of $6,540.00 - p.32
Attachment: EDP Board attachments.pdf

22. Approval to Increase the Amount to Contract for Professional Services With Kristen Schipani, KC Therapy Inc., for Speech and Language Pathology Services, and the School Board of Manatee County for the Remainder of the 2012-2013 School Year - p.34
Attachment: Kristen Schipani KC Therapy Signed Contract.pdf

23. Approval to Renew and Expend the U.S. Department of Education Teaching American History Grant for the 2012-2013 School Year - p.36
Attachment: Awards letters.pdf

24. Approval to Renew the Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and R & T Erickson, Inc., for On-The-Job Training for Exceptional Education Students for the School Years 2013-2016 - p.38
Attachment: R and T Erickson, Inc..pdf

25. Approval to Renew the Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and Action Kawasaki, Inc., for On-The-Job Training for Exceptional Education Students for the School Years 2013-2016 - p.40 (removed from agenda prior to meeting)
Attachment: Action Kawaasaki, Inc..pdf

26. Approval to Renew the Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and Manatee County YMCA, Bradenton Branch, for On-The-Job Training for Exceptional Education Students for the School Years 2013-2016 - p.42 (removed from agenda prior to meeting)
Attachment: YMCA Bradenton Branch.pdf

27. Approval to Renew the Contract for Services for the It's yoUR Choice Teen Pregnancy Prevention Grant between the Boys and Girls Clubs of Manatee County and the School Board of Manatee County - p.44
Attachment: Boys & Girls Clubs Contract.pdf

Construction Services

28. Approval of Manatee Technical Institute - SR 70 Campus - Substantial Completion - p.46
Attachment: MTI - SR70 Summary Sheet.pdf
Attachment: MTI SR70 Substantial Completion 103112.pdf


32. Approval to Offer On-Time Retirement Incentive program for AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employee, Local 1584) Employees - p.50
33. Approval of the 2012-2013 School Improvement Plans - p.54 Linda Neeley was allowed a public comment regarding the item, and stated her concern that parents had not been given adequate involvement by the district on the School Improvement Plan. After some discussion, Mr. Miner brought up removing the item in order to allow further review. Ms. Carpenter made a motion to put the item on January's agenda; the motion passed 5-0.



34. Leaves for December 10, 2012 Board Meeting - p.56
Attachment: Leaves 12-10-12.pdf

NEW BUSINESS (Discussion Items Pulled from Consent)


35. Approval of the 2012-2013 School Advisory Council Membership Rosters - p.52 (passed 5-0)

NEW BUSINESS (Non-Consent Items) (6:40 p.m.)

36. Approval of Budget Amendments for October 2012 - p.57 (passed 5-0)
Attachment: OCTOBER - Budget Amendment Summary.pdf

37. Acceptance of the Year to Date Financial Statements through October 2012 - p.58 (passed 5-0)
Attachment: October 2012.pdf

38. Approval of the Board Member Committee Assignments for 2012-2013 - p.60 (passed 5-0)
Attachment: Board Committee Worksheet With Details.pdf

39. Approval to Reject Contract for Sale of the Checkers-Owens Annex Property to Gold Glove Ventures, LLC - p.61 (passed 5-0)
Attachment: 08.22.11 Checkers-Owens Annex Contract.pdf

40. Approval of Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and John Ray Consulting, LLC for Consultative Services and Representation in Governmental Affairs
Attachment: John Ray Contract.pdf Due to concerns brought up, Dr. Gayler recommended to have the agreement approved provisionally. Ms. Aranibar motioned to accept Dr. Gayler's recommendation. The motion passed 5-0. 


41. Board Workflow Items - p.63


42. School Board Proposed Agenda Items - p.64
43. Discussion of School Board Legal Services - p.65

BOARD COMMENTS (7:20 p.m.)

44. Board Comments - p.66


45. Comments by John Bowen - p.67


46. Comments by David E. Gayler - p.68

ADJOURNMENT (8:00 p.m.)

Adjournment of Meeting

47. Adjournment - p.69


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