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State Government Florida Ballot to Be Referendum Heavy in November


BRADENTON -- Recent election cycles have seen a marked increase in both citizen-initiated and legislature-led ballot referendums. Nationwide, 98 ballot questions are already certified in 31 states for 2012. Florida is tied with Arizona for the most with seven. Issues range from property taxes to laws regarding the use of state funding for religious groups and abortion, and big money is already lining up behind pushes for each. Clearly, campaigns for direct democracy will again be a big part of this election year.


In Florida, citizens can initiate constitutional amendments via initiative, but cannot directly initiate or repeal legislation via veto referendum. The state legislature can also place measures on the ballot for referendum as constitutional amendments. Florida also has two commissions, the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission and the Constitution Revision Commission, which meet every 20 years and have the power to place amendments on the ballot. For a more detailed description of how initiatives make it to the ballot, click here.


Below is a list of the ballot questions certified to appear on the 2012 ballot, statewide. Click each for a more detailed description of the measure. Source: Ballotpedia


Amendment 1: Prevents penalties for not purchasing health care coverage in order to comply with federal health care reforms


Amendment 2: Would allow for property tax discounts for disabled veterans


Amendment 3: Replaces existing revenue limits with a new limitation based on inflation and population changes


Amendment 4: Would amend commercial and non-homestead property taxes


Amendment 5: Would modify the existing State Supreme Court


Amendment 6: Prohibits public funds for abortions


Amendment 8: Repeals ban of public dollars for religious funding


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