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The BioFile: Rowdy Tellez

Ryan John "Rowdy" Tellez is the first baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He has previously played for the Toronto Blue Jays and Milwaukee Brewers.
Status: Pittsburgh Pirates 1B/DH
DOB:  March 16, 1995  In: Sacramento, CA
First Baseball Memory:  Hitting in the front yard.   
Baseball Inspirations:  Growing up a Giants fan.  I wear 44 for Willie McCovey, being a first baseman. I never got to watch him play obviously. Dad grew up a Giants fan. Just being a big guy like Willie McCovey was kind of my inspiration.
First Player You Met Or Encountered:  I'm trying to think... first memory that comes to mind would be Fernando Vina because I played with his nephew for a long time.
Greatest Career Moment:  Playing in World Baseball Classic was up there. But probably hitting the home run my first time back to Oakland, the closest I ever got to home. My 100 year old grandmother was there to watch me play and I hit a home run. That was a special moment for me to do it in front of my family.
Favorite Ballparks:  PNC as a visitor. Now I get to play there as a home so it's nice. Old Fenway.
Favorite Uniforms:  Any sport? Or just baseball? (Any.) Honestly, Pittsburgh is up there. Pittsburgh is a really cool uniform. As I said, growing up, as a Giants fan, the black and orange is really cool. Atlanta. Kind of like an old school guy. Boston. Honestly, I always like Pittsburgh.
Most Memorable Hit:  Probably my first one. Against Tampa Bay Rays Jacob Faria. First pitch fastball. First pitch I ever saw in the big leagues. It was a pretty magical moment, pretty special for me. I just lost my mother. I went back to the big leagues, first at-bat, first pitch, so that was pretty special.
Why Do You Love Baseball:  Something I grew up loving. My family played a lot of it. My dad being Mexican - it's a big sport for us. Being able to represent Mexico in WBC was huge. Proud to be where I'm from and have the name on my back. I think a lot, for me, is my family drives me to love the game.
Favorite Athletes To Watch:  Steph Curry. I always liked Alex Ovechkin, my era, dominated hockey. And George Kittle. He has fun but he takes it seriously.
Strangest Game:  A ball, we played a two-day, 23 inning game. We ended up losing 2-1.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Reeces Peanut Butter Cups and banana ice cream, from Coldstone.
People Qualities Most Admired:  Humility. And ability to laugh at yourself. 
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