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The Grind:


To us at The Local ARTery, the weekend is very important. It's something that we take very seriously, and you should too—because you only live once, and there are no second chances. So join us on a trip around the weekend, and follow our credo: Turn on ... Tune in ... Go out!

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Muphin Chuckrs at First Fridays: 4th Anniversary Party


5:30 p.m.

No Cover

Slick's Garage

923 5th Street West



Big cars with big engines. Sideburns. Guys with greasy combed back pompadours and high & tights long on the top plastered back with pomade or parted on the side. The girls always look like Bettie Page—except for blondes and redheads; the blonde and red haired girls look like blonde or red haired Bettie Pages—and mid-century taboos and every Sailor Jerry tattoo from the flash wall. And rockabilly ... 


Indeed, hotrod culture has always been fun, which is why I recommend attending the First Fridays: 4th Anniversary Party this Friday at Slick's Garage in Palmetto. The Muphin Chuckrs are playing, and anyone willing to pay the $5 registration fee can enter any car into the competition—I’m thinking of entering my 2001 Acura MDX—and it’s a family friendly event; so bring your kids, and pour a bit of energy into the timeless American tradition known as The Car Show.  


Trevor Bystrom 


6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

No Cover

Eat Here

5315 Gulf Drive

Holmes Beach


18-year old singer/songwriter/performer Trevor Bystrom of Anna Maria Island has probably the most progressive sound of the local scene. Progressive, in the sense that Bystrom’s style is completely his own. While blending genres of rock, folk, blues, country and reggae, this solo artist requires for his performance an array of bluegrass instruments including a Weissenborn style slide guitar—and to see him play is to see true art live.  

clientuploads/Music/wild root.png

Wild Root 


7 p.m.

No Cover

Island Time Bar and Grill

111 Gulf Drive South

Bradenton Beach


Indie/funk/soul rockers Wild Root are bringing their party to Bradenton Beach this weekend—to Island Time Bar and Grill, to be exact; and it's this reporter’s impression that Wild Root will give the sultry island atmosphere the kind of pop it needs to keep fresh on a Saturday night. Great band. Great bar. What more do you need?



The Hobies 


10 p.m. - 2 a.m.

No Cover

Dcoy Ducks

5410 Marina Drive

Holmes Beach


The Hobies at Dcoy Ducks ... It makes perfect sense—like Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, or Dropkick Murphys at Fenway Park. Some artists, when given the chance, fit perfectly into a particular time and place, and The Hobies at Dcoy Ducks falls in line with this notion. It is no surprise, then, that every time The Hobies play at Dcoy’s the place explodes. Rum pools up on the bar and runs off the edge to the floor and sticks to the soles of shoes on skanking feet, adding percussive influence to the tone of the night. The most tequila is poured. Limes are everywhere. Beer somehow tastes better, and the girls never miss a beat. 


It’s going to be a good show, I promise.


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