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The Invisible Candidate


Back in the olden days, when I was growing up, Mama used to complain that I never paid attention to her advice.

My family was very political - one voted the Republican slate, one voted the Democratic slate. Nevertheless, at every opportunity, they went to the poles to vote, thus cancelling each other out. They said it was their civic duty.

In those simpler days, when a politician either could not or would not specifically spell out their views, "new" ideas and duties, voting for them was called "buying a pig in a poke," sort of like going to that auction where you bid on a box full of "stuff" and hope that there is one item in the box that is worth all the money you just spent.

It is rare that a candidate running for political office will generously provide potential constituents an agenda, but in the crowded District 4 Commission race one aspirant has made her "pig in a poke" candidacy clear.

Thank you so much. Having not been apprised of your position, and being a "show me" kind of gal, I can now move on to considering the other candidates based upon their availability, ability to conduct interviews, strength to accept the fact that they may be misquqoted and lack of gamesmanship.

I am sure Mama is glad that I listened and learned and am putting what she taught me into practice.


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