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Theater Review: Safe House

Safe House, a distinctively-original immersive-theater experience, opened this weekend at Urbanite Theatre in downtown Sarasota.

I want to go back to the theater. I want to do something fun with my friends. How many times have we either said these phrases or heard them over the past year?

Hats off to Brendan Ragan, the Co-Artistic Director of the Urbanite Theatre. Having to deal with COVID restrictions, Ragan has successfully built a better mousetrap within the theater.

Safe House has all the makings of a good time with friends. Mix theater, the Escape Room experience, a dash of conspiracy theory, big business, a local video production company, some romance, and there you have what we’ve been waiting for.

With the video production from Triforce Pictures, Sarasota native Shaun Greenspan puts the actors in the safest place from which to show off their craft on the screen.

Krystal Millie Valdes and Chris Hayhurst play a husband and wife that work for the same big and powerful company. Valdes and Hayhurst do a believable display of a married couple whose beliefs in their profession go awry.

Now it’s the audience’s chance to chime in. Through videos, clues, objects, and communication within your group, it’s time to be a sleuth. But which way will you see things? It’s your turn to caucus.

I took my son and his girlfriend who are in their twenties in order to get their opinion on this unique experience. They had a wonderful time and were still sleuthing on the ride home.

As for me, I say to those who want to get out and be in that safe environment (showings are limited to a maximum of four guests with extensive safety precautions), Safe House gives you an entertaining way to get off your couches, turn off whatever you are streaming, and support local theater.

Safe House runs through April 4. Visit Urbanite's website for ticket and schedule information.