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Tourist Development Council Agenda Results: 12/09/2013


At Monday's meeting, Manatee County Parks and Natural Resource Department Director Charlie Hunsicker delivered an update on the beach nourishment project about to start on Anna Maria Island. In other business, Holmes Beach restrooms get $110,000 for new design and construction.

1.   Approval of October 21, 2013 Meeting Minutes -- Approved, 7 to 0, Chiles and Poston absent

2..  Public Comment

3.   Beach Renourishment Update 

  Presented by Charlie Hunsicker, Parks & Natural Resources Dept.: Dredging for Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach is scheduled to start December 11, and run through February 10. Construction on Coquina would soon follow. (more on story).

4.   SRQ Update -- 

Presented by Mark Stuckey, Sarasota Bradenton Int’l. Airport -- Stucky said that in December flights started to increase and overall are up 8.5 percent, and that U.S. Airways is adding three flights. Stucky said they had just signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Baltimore Orioles, and hoped there would be a non-stop flight from Pittsburgh by spring training.    

5.   State of Tourism -- 

Presented by Walter Klages, Data Research Services -- Klages said that there were approximately 500,000 visitors to the county so far this year, spending $566 million; up more than 10 percent from last year. Klages said the highest number of visitors come from Tampa, then Orlando, followed by Chicago, Pittsburgh and Boston. Klages predicts 2014 will be a good year. 

6.   Marketing, Sales & Public Relations - Update

  Presented by Debbie Meihls, CVB -- Meihls says "films" are starting to make an impact with pilots and commercials leading the way. Meihls also said that DaVinci is up and running and looking at being a real success.    


7.  Criteria Requirement – Tourism Related Projects -- Falcione wants a criteria set up to anticipate unseen complications. Some of the project requirements will include, Eligible use; Is it in a high impact corridor? Does it promote hotel generation? Is there a similar project? and, Will it help to diversify our market? Action requested -- Approved, 7 to 0, Chiles and Poston absent.

  Presented by Elliott Falcione, CVB 

  Recommendation Needed -- Recommended for approval, 7 to 0, Chiles and Poston absent.

8.  Manatee Beach Café Enhancements/Partnership

             Presented by Elliott Falcione, CVB -- Members agreed too Holmes Beach restroom makeover with an estimated cost for  a new design and rebuild to be $110,000.  

Recommendation Needed -- Recommended for approval, 7 to 0, Chiles and Poston absent.


9.   Public Comment -- Our Marriott "Courtyard" is rated the best in the nation of all of the "Courtyards."   

10.   New / Old Business -- None


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