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Under One Roof Project Should Benefit from an RFP


The quick progress being made on the county's family emergency shelter project called "Under one Roof" is exciting. Unfortunately, this speed seems to be leading the county to overlook an essential step, which is an open Request for Proposal (RFP) process that would enable the county to select the best service provider to oversee the ongoing operations of the new shelter.

The county's Homeless Task Force published a Recommended RFP/Q Checklist (page 9 in the 2023 Quarter 3 Report), yet we do not see this being utilized in a selection process.

The League of Women Voters of Manatee County raises the following questions:

What value and potential improvements will be lost to our community by not inviting new service providers to our area?

What will the BoCC get for their money, long term, if they have not done the recommended due diligence during the provider selection process?

How will the long-term sustainability of this shelter be ensured?