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Voters Can Request Absentee Ballot for June 18 Special Election


BRADENTON – The Manatee County Supervisor of Elections will begin sending Absentee Ballots on May 17 for the June 18 Special Election. If there is any chance you will be unable to vote in person on June 18, it is easy to request an Absentee Ballot be sent to you. Voters can request absentee ballots until 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 12.

Marked ballots must be received at the Office of the Supervisor of Elections no later than 7 p.m. on the day of the election. Voters are not to return their completed absentee ballot to a polling place.

A designee may pick up an absentee ballot for a voter on election day or up to 5 days before election day. A designee may only pick up two absentee ballots per election, other than his or her own ballot or ballots for members of his or her immediate family. Immediate family includes:  spouse, parents, child, grandparents, siblings of the voter or the voter's spouse or the voter's legal guardian.  Designees must have written authorization from the voter, present a picture I.D. and sign an affidavit.

If you have obtained an absentee ballot, but are able to vote in your precinct on election day, you must take the absentee ballot with you to the polls, whether or not it has been marked. However, if you are unable to return the ballot, you may vote a provisional ballot. Click here for more information on voting by absentee ballot.


Voter Registration Deadline for Manatee Special Election Approaching


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