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Are voters going to buy this "family, faith, freedom" crap from such sleazy, dark money, cowards? It is long overdue that we run Pedicini and his shady, secretive, lies out of our government. He called Servia anti veteran. He mailed flyers stating she did not our troops, while her two boys were active duty. Pedicini and his web of dark money PACs outright lie while the facts show VanOstenbridge and Bearden are delaying veteran housing and trying to move the location. Pedicini has always banked that Republican voters are ignorant to the facts. Pedicini and his being paid by developers should be made THE campaign issue.They hide behind dark money and use words like freedom and faith on their flyers. The record is clear that Pedicini = Corruption. That is the message that voters need to remember. Commissioners associated with Pedicini are selling us out. Thank goodness for Ms Kitterman and The Bradenton Times for presenting the facts. Pedicini = Corruption

From: Another Astroturf "Conservative" Group Provides Cover to Developer Backed Commissioners

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