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Thank you thank you thank you. This info is vital to citizens in Manatee. I just wish TBT would report Bradenton's corruption as well since they are majorly involved in the family cabal activities too. In fact, the sh## started in the COB to begin with, around 1930 with a guy you all know as Al Capone and another past developer Walter Fuller. It has carried on through the years through the successor of Capone, a fellow named "Big Tuna" or Antonio Accardo as is his given name, also a developer . He was the builder of of the Dolphin Towers in Sarasota, the condos evacuated and rebuilt because of faulty concrete.His family ties are all over Manatee County and include(d) a sheriff, city clerk and more.

As far as anybody's family being in fear for their lives because TBT printed public records info from Sunbiz, the idiots concerned need to realize TBT did nothing wrong. The info is public record for anyone to see. I look up corrupt politicians and their minions on that website regularly. So if you corrupt good ol boys don't want your family in danger, I would strongly suggest you stop accepting dark money from corrupt sources. Duhhh..........!

From: Another Astroturf "Conservative" Group Provides Cover to Developer Backed Commissioners

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