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Several commissioners readily supported the need to direct staff to look at policy and development procedure options...well here comes another 10 year "study" before anything is done or we just run out of land for development. In the meantime here is what we already know.

Erosion, Pollution and Flooding

Land clearing also results in environmental concerns as well as creates direct threats to wildlife. The roots of trees hold moisture and keep soil in place, protecting it from washing away during wind and rain. When you remove the trees, the soil - and any pollutants or pesticides present in the soil - washes into nearby waterways. This leads to water pollution and algal blooms, and it can even damage important aquatic habitats like coral reefs.

This erosion can also lead to flooding in waterways. Because trees are no longer holding the soil in place, rain flushes the sediment into waterways. This newly added sediment settles to the bottom eventually, changing the shape and structure of the river or stream. When large amounts of sediment accumulate, it can impact the river's ability to flow properly and cause flooding upstream.

Read more here, because the County must of not gotten the memo...Flori-DA


From: Commissioners Direct Staff to Seek New Policy Solutions for Dust from Development

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