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The BOCC got rid of Cheri Corea for this dipwad...Kevin vanbonehead is another culprit...When the walls come tumbling down so the song goes....VOTE THEM OUT..TURNER , SATCHER ,AND ESPECIALLY THE BOUGAINVILLEA THEIF VANBONEHEAD...THEY DON'T REPRESENT THE CITIZENS THEY ONLY REPRESENT THE DEVELOPERS AND ALL THE $$$$$ GOING IN THEIR WALLETS.. UNFORTUNATELY Hopeless will pay his way out as I have confidence in our state attorney...I mean really look At Kruse's incident...Ballard's husband no charges for his 2 DUI's...that's the way manatee county rolls..NO ACCOUNTABILITY...CHANGE HAPPENS AT THE POLLS

From: Former Manatee County Administrator Scott Hopes Charged with Three Felonies

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