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This question is framed incorrectly. As san.gender commented — it is the congress that is driving the border crisis as the Rabid members of the house of representatives deliberately block proposals to make corrections. Phrasing this question incorrectly supports those blocking solutions being proposed — efforts by the administration of Biden and the president cannot be judged where they are prevented from acting by those deliberately creating those very problems rather than cooperating to solve problems the citizens want solved. The question should be put to all candidates running for a congressional seat and none supporting the actions of the Rabid members should be elected or especially, re-elected. Do your homework before voting for members who fail to support the goals and principles held by the majority of citizens — or else accept the responsibility for the mess. It boils down to all those mistakenly-elected by sleepwalking voters. Change begins at the local levels.

From: Do you approve of the way President Biden is handling the migrant crisis on our southern border?

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