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As a person who watched Q-anon come into being, I am angry at how far it's gone, and what it's changed into. YEARS before any politician was associated with "Q" it was spreading across the metaphysical community. (somewhere around 2012-2013...) I've watched the "legend of Q" change with each group that carried it. Funny how whomever is using this urban legend for their own marketing strategy changes the legend to suit their purposes. It's gross.

Years ago, I watched a whole bunch of metaphysical practitioners attend the same conference in Santa Fe and afterwards they coordinated their marketing around Q, where no Q had been before. They started groups, had events started asking for donations for this and that. There was even a cryptocurrency...

I've seen a DISTURBING level of politicians following this junk.

It is FAKE!!!!!!!

And now it's easy access for coordinated disinformation campaigns, for ANY nation engaging in such activities. And who might that be?

According to both the FBI and the CIA, as well as professionals in the field of intelligence (civilian AND military) it is.... ALL OF THEM!


Get smarter.

Now. Especially you alleged "patriots" out there.

From: Election integrity or controlled outcome and the death of democracy?

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