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As you cited percentages for party affiliations, nationally I am part of the dominate party but I don't vote a party line. I registered as a Democrat in 1975 (senior in high school) because my parents were. And where I moved from had a better chance for a civil service job. I moved to Florida 30 years ago (I admit I was not a fan of Gore even after voting for Clinton. My husband registered for the first time ever as an Independent just to vote for Ross Perot). Manatee County being predominately Republican, I can't tell you the number of elections that were decided at primary I couldn't vote in (2022 being one in primary. Everyone knows write-ins don't win). I am still contemplating switching to Republican so I can vote in the primary in August even though every county commissioner race will be going to election day in November. I have time so if KVO changes seat running for (has to be done by 6/14), I can still change July 22 to vote against him.

From: Podcast Ep. 134: Mitch Maley & Dawn Kitterman

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