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A letter I wrote to our cowardly Senators on their impeachment vote. They should both go. Unfortunately, the voters didn't take out Rubio. It's a longshot, but perhaps they will eliminate Scott.

Dear Senators Rubio & Scott,

I want to offer my sympathy to each of you, on the wasteful use of your time, and the dollars of the federal government, expended on the defense of our Democracy last week. I’m sure it was trying and very boring to sit through the tedious, lengthy, but exceptionally well-prepared statements of the House Managers, and the concomitant drivel of Mr. trumps defense. But you persisted,…inattentive as you were, and as a loyal Republican of 64 years, I must tell you how disappointed and ashamed I was of your public statements,…and especially your vote to acquit. What an embarrassment!!! You disgraced yourselves and the oath you took, to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” How honorable! Are there really more important governmental issues to be addressed than “inciting an insurrection” to overthrow an election? Must be. So you just voted to throw our Democracy “out the window.”

As you stood to register your vote of “guilty” or “not guilty”, I’m sure your chest was thrust forward with pride and dignity. One wonders whether your right hand was over your heart, or raised with a fist in a “Heil Hitler” salute like your colleague Hawley’s was on Jan. 6. As the history books are written to reflect your decisions on this momentous occasion, I know your children, grand children and great grand children will want to point with pride to their friends, of the poor judgement, lack of character and patriotism and the cowardice you displayed in this critical time in our history.

Andrew Jackson once said, “one-man-with-courage-makes-a-majority.” That’s the kind of courage displayed by Senators Cassidy, Romney, et. al.,…while you cowered in the corner, as you have for five years, to a Fascist leader who would throw you under the bus in a NY second, as he did to many, that he himself appointed, including the most loyal of his followers, V.P. Pence. It’s hard to imagine how you can look yourself in the mirror each morning.

We (you) send our troops all over the world to “protect and defend,”…us, our country and our Constitution. Do you want them to “turn tail” from an enemy, abandon a search for an Osama or wave a white flag? Absolutely not!!! And we as citizens of this great Country,…and those troops,…should not expect that of you! But you let us all down, through your cowardice and self-interest, with this vote to acquit. SHAMEFUL!!! DESPICABLE!!! TREASONOUS!!! AN EMBARRASSMENT TO YOUR OFFICE,…AND EVERY PATRIOT IN THIS GREAT NATION!!! DO THE COUNTRY A FAVOR. RESIGN!!!

Richard J Correnti

From: Former Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell files to challenge Rick Scott for U.S. Senate seat

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