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Bradenton City Council meeting

Mayor for a day is honored

Sadie Montanus, center, sits with Bradenton Mayor Wayne Poston, left, and City Councilman Patrick Roff during Wednesday's City Council meeting. Montanus, a student, was mayor for the day on Wednesday.

Bradenton City Council meeting

Notes - No blog during meeting due to lack of a wireless network.

6 p.m. - Called to order.

Introduction of mayor for a day.


Pledge of Allegiance

National Arbor Day proclamation read.

Proclamation accepted.

Citizen comments.

Arbor Day ceremony at Tamiami Trail and 30th Avenue.


Recognition of Royal Sara-Mana Club Debutantes.

City Commissioners' comments.

Certificate of appreciation for Eagle Scout Tyler Short.

He works in Lewis Park, and for the Council in its video program.

Citizen comments on non-agenda items

Rocco Salvatore

Fire Department

Sworn in

Public works. Gives recognition to two who helped at his home.

Had sewage problems, turned out to be city problem.

City came out, two from PW came out and got a crew worked on it.

Saw it was urgent because his wife was pregnant. Fixed it in an hour or so.

Wanted to recognize them. Service like that makes him OK with tax bill.

Take this into account when you have to make tough decisions.

Consent agenda

a. Acceptance and approval of a-j


Voted and adopted 4-0

New business

a. Red flag policy.

Rules of operating procedures and ID in case of potential for ID theft. Public utilities named.

Being able to identify red flag incidents.

How would incidents be dealt with.

Implemented training in advance of May 1 deadline.

Request approval.

So moved.

Voted and adopted 4-0.

Tim Polk

Grants update.


Six applications in past six weeks; 2 planned and four from stimulus bill.

  1. Neighborhood stabilization program

  2. Florida boating improvement program

  3. Recreational Trails Program

  4. Dept. of Highway Safety Program

  5. Edward Byrne Justice Assistance progran.

  6. COPS Hiring. Eight officers.

Funding sought $5 million.


Under Dept. of Community Affairs

Flood Mitigation and Severe Repetitive Loss

Justice Assistant Grant

Edward Byrne Discretionary

Project Safe Neighborhood - Officers trained, gang unit, meth lab training.

Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program

Lighted soccer field, parking lot

Coming up

Severe repetitive loss

Department of Energy $500k for green building and energy efficiency efforts

COPS 2009 Technology - Request for $200K for in-car video. Notified of eligibility.

Housing consortium with Manatee County - HOME funds and homeless shelter grants.

Public art

Foundation research


State funding

Tamiami Trail

Scenic highway funds


Sarasota city's money went to county and city couldn't get it. Told they would get money through county; when it got to county, it went to unincorporated areas.


Parcel in Ward 3. Thought it was from conservation lands. Have they been raided? Still a solid program?


No more questions.

Council reports.

Marianne Barnaby - Went to JROTC ball. Thanked for supporting project. Wonderful evening. Conducted like a regular military ball. Toasted the commander in chief, and last ladies. Honored to be there.

Attention to Manatee Children's event at Palma Sola Friday night. Appreciate effort to raise funds for neediest in community, children being abused and neglected.

Patrick Roff

Complaints about train whistles in the early morning over the river. Worked with citizen and got Tropicana person to help. Met with warehouse people and CSX and trainmaster. Will try to mitigate noise. Work finished, so trains will be on more regular schedule.

At Earth Day at Manatee High School. Key Club and Model UN planted crepe myrtle.

Adopt-a-Shore cleanup at Ware's Creek successful. Less trash going into creek.

Thanks to personnel who picked up stuff. Added to homey feel of cleanup.

Inform public that as part of e-cycling; putting old computer hardware into creek is not e-cycling.

Bemis Smith

It's not a good thing.

Concur with Barnaby on MCS event this weekend. Deputy chief is president of board of MCS.

Encourage everyone to get out there. Great event with a lot of support.

Harold R. Byrd

Monday, started at Ward 5 in new Starbucks. Recognize good things about city. Went on to a TDC meeting at the new Pirate City. "It really gave the city of Bradenton a chance to show off the pride they had in making all those improvements."

Good feeling to see hard work and planning city and contractors made were appreciated.

Chairman of TDC had good things to say, too.

Meetings with different leaders in community. Meetings have gone on to different discussions.

Lunch meeting at Manatee School Board.

Summer jobs for the youth. Get info out to organizations.

Combination of pastors, lot of leadership, people running organizations. Looking forward to May 21 summit. More information between now and next meeting.

Tired of a lot of the violent crime and take back the community.

Dignitary reception Thursday.

Parade Saturday night.

Mayor Wayne Poston presents beads and pin to mayor for a day. Sadie Montanus.

Carl Callahan

Go out and see Pirate City. Nice touches.

Next workshop May 6. Need to get into budget retreat and workshop. Do that on the same day at Pirate City.

Light workshop agenda.


That will be a busy day. Will be at Tampa bay Regional Transportation Authority call-in.


Going to Orlando tomorrow.

Police chief

Police has 4 in-car video systems inoperative.
Asking to donate 4 systems to academy to see if they can get them working.

Surplus it.

Motion seconded. Passed 4-0.


Riverview Association thanks officer for help. April 3 meeting.


Neighborhood watch.

Manatee Avenue project. Working with DOT toward that.

Asking permission for engineers up to $25,000 for work.

Discussed Ware's Creek bridge through stimulus.

Looking to get it awarded by March 2010 so work would start in July 2010.

Would work with drainage project.


Would that be a night project?

Would try to do it during summer.


Why through DOT?

Because they can do it faster.

Fortunate city doesn't have experience with design-build projects.


Traffic lights.

Continue contract. Resolution lighting maintenance.

Motion, second.


Barnaby: Are costs covered?


Barnaby: Got presents from FDOT in past.

We had undercount of lights and new count more than doubled income.

Vote: passes 4-0.

Police Chief Michael Radzilowski

All permits for first red light cameras in. Finally coming up.


Bill through Legislature. "The state wants a piece of the action on red-light cameras."

We have to pay vendor out of the money.

Not allowed on a state right-of-way.

Barnaby: State will rethink it when money starts rolling in.

6:53 p.m. adjourned.


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