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Fly on the Wall, Edition No. 22


The Fly buzzes around town to see what's up.

No riding on the sidewalk!

There's a really good reason not to ride your bicycle on the sidewalk.


Because that's where the Fly walks.


Last week, while awaiting the Hometown Democracy press conference in front of the old courthouse, the Fly decided to stroll up Manatee Avenue West to see the lot where the Bradenton Revival Tabernacle used to be.


Near the destination, and across from the post office, the Fly was nearly hit by a person riding a bicycle who came out of a blind corner. Fortunately, the rider dodged his Flyness, but it was still a close call.


Let's make a deal, bike riders. You ride in the bike lanes, and the Fly will walk on the sidewalk, and think about not calling the police.


Companion lizard?

Sometimes the sights in front of the courthouse are amazing. Like the woman who walked past the Amendment 4 group into the courthouse. She was wearing what looked like a very lifelike lizard T-shirt.


Well, in fact, it was a real, live lizard. Apparently, it's one of those companion animals that's supposed to keep people on an even keel emotionally, even though the wearer didn't look too happy. Then again, not many people walking into the courthouse look happy, for some reason.


So the Fly is thinking of showing up at the next County Commission meeting with one of his cats.


Short and sweet

Tuesday's County Commission meeting was just the way the Fly likes his meetings. By 10:20, the Fly was back in the Fly-mobile and heading back to the office.


Three commissioners were out, with Ron Getman on vacation and Joe McClash and Larry Bustle at a meeting in Tampa on port issues. That plus a light agenda had everyone in a good mood, and even commissioner comments weren't that onerous.


Caring for cats

County Commissioner Carol Whitmore said the cat she rescued from the road is doing well and has found a home, and another cat that she's feeding outside is also making use of some bedding she provided.


Tuesday morning dawned cold in the Fly's lair, and he awoke with three of four cats on the bed.


If there's reincarnation, the Fly is definitely coming back as a cat. They have the life, and all the free food they can cadge. Nice deal.


Mr. Somebody

The seating changes at the County Commission had Chairwoman Donna Hayes calling John Chappie by a different name Tuesday: Larry Bustle.


She corrected herself and apologized. After a year sitting to Bustle's right, it was just a force of habit, she said.


Maryland on our minds

Several local public officials were not present at meetings this week because of the FEMA training event up in Maryland.


The Fly was joking with Bradenton's assistant director of planning and community development, Tom Cookingham, that while he was sitting in Tim Polk's seat and Polk's plate was up, he didn't even bear a close resemblance to Polk. Another joke going around was they should have had the event in Iowa, where a tremendous snowstorm closed the roads, to get some real practice in a disaster.


If nothing else, the government officials will appreciate Florida's relatively warm climate after shivering in Maryland.


That's all until next time.


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