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Disney Cancels Plan to Develop $1B Business Complex in Lake Nona

Like the law of physics, for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. Perhaps DeSantis forgot this. His actions have consequences. Unfortunately, bigotry appears to be one of them.


Disney already planned to cancel this awhile ago but they just played it to the political angle


As the saying goes, "" everyone is entitled to an opinion. The true problem is if you disagree you are called a liberal, socialist, lefty etc. The fact remains that Disney is important to Florida in many ways whether economically or socially. Governor DeSantis is not.

James F Tierney

Respectfully, none of the developed land is going to be rewilded when developers have such a fervor to build housing for retirees moving down here. And additionally, there have been many signs that business agreements with the state will not be honored, which demotivates other companies from coming to Florida.

Cat L

Good! Let Disney close down and start making our state better! My family moved to Orlando long before Disney started; and it ruined the entire central Florida area. Traffic and roadways will never catch up. Concrete has replaced so many rural areas eradicating the once beautiful countryside with all its wildlife.


Manatee School Board Puts on a Clinic in Good Governance

I agree with their choice. It's a pleasant surprise that the board went about something the correct way.


He should make sure there is a balance among the Educators. We do not want a ""Socialist,"" leaning School District!

Gregory L. Donoghue

He sounds very capable. We'll see how he handles the culture wars on books and LGBTQ. It's got to be concerning to any educator. Hopefully, he handles it very diplomatically and with understanding of the diverse student population we have here.

Lynn Aragon


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