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It's time to take action, Florida!


On any given Thursday, the Florida Supreme Court will almost certainly rule that the 15-week abortion ban is constitutional, which will immediately trigger a 6-week abortion ban.  This decision will effectively ban abortion in the state of Florida.

The citizens can decide to protect reproductive rights by voting in a constitutional right, but the December 29, 2023, deadline to submit petitions to Limit Government Interference in Abortion is fast approaching.  We are in the final stretch and need your help with one BIG push to ensure abortion rights have a place on the 2024 ballot as a constitutional amendment.   

The Stakes are High

In states that pass laws to ban abortion, the consequences are severe for people who need abortion related medical care, as well as for those healthcare professionals who provide these services. 

  • Floridians who need an abortion will have to travel long distances or potentially engage in unsafe methods to end their pregnancy. They may suffer economic hardship, health complications and emotional distress.
  • Floridians who are pregnant will have fewer options and less autonomy over their reproductive lives. They may be forced to continue an unwanted pregnancy, give birth even though a severe birth defect is detected or continue a pregnancy when the life or health of the mother is at risk.
  • In states that have abortion bans, some physicians have decided to leave their states due to an inability to provide comprehensive and appropriate medical care to their patients. ( 1. , 2.) More disturbingly, states with abortion bans have seen significant drops in obstetrics residency applications. 3. 4.  Over time, this will result in an exacerbation of maternal care shortages and, a decrease in the quality of care in Florida.

Don’t let this happen to Florida.  Ohio voters protected the right to abortion. We can do it here, but we need a BIG PUSH as the last date to submit the petitions is December 29th.  Join the League of Women Voters during this final phase to keep politicians out of reproductive decisions, ones that should be made between women and their healthcare provider. 

What You Can Do

  • Sign the Petition Click here to download the petition 
  • Help the League Gather Petitions - The League of Women Voters provides training, clipboards, petitions for the petition gathering crew! Let us know about particularly good locations, loaded with likely Florida voters, to add to our schedule. email info@lwvmanatee.org
  • Gather Petitions on Your Own - Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to sign. Have a neighborhood event, gather signatures at clubs, churches, and other organizations you belong to. Recruit others. Go to https://lwvmanatee.org/reproductiverights/ for information on best approaches, ways to assure your petitions are valid and drop off hub locations and times. Email your questions to info@lwvmanatee.org. Click here to get petitions to print.
  • Come out on “Sign Up Saturday”, December 9 and join us at the designated locations and times below. Sign a petition, bring a friend to sign, or even bring signed petitions you have gathered. Let’s work together and get as many petitions signed as possible!!! We’ll be sure to share all the exciting details with Floridians Protecting Freedom.


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