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Letter to the Editor: Long Bar Pointe may be Legal, but is it Right?


I think the big question as to Long Bar Pointe is, if its legal, is it right? There seems to be a huge gulf between those two ideas when Manatee County looks at development.  Yes, Carlos Beruff and Larry Lieberman do own the Long Bar Pointe property. Legally, they have the right to develop it. But, is it right? Is it morally and ethically right? 

Is it right to develop an ecologically sensitive land that historically and today feeds our commercial fishing industry, tourism and the health of Sarasota Bay? Is it right to pack more people in a Coastal High Hazard Zone that if evacuation is necessary, could conceivably strand and harm those that live in that area? Is it right for them to infill, causing a catastrophic change in storm surge that will alter our coast line and those that have lived within its means for years? Is it right that Medallion Homes have 3 properties in East County that appear to be wastelands? We have already paid for the infrastructure in our taxes yet the developments are overgrown, many homes are partially built, there are numerous empty lots and yet, we want to trust the owner of Medallion homes to develop Long Bar Pointe?

There is no NIMBY in this fight. It’s a question of fear. Politicians are fearful of getting sued if the letter of the law is not followed. Organizations that would speak out against this rape of our land do not, because their funding could be impacted. The coterie of power uses an honorable Urban Land Institute’s view and has manipulated to use in any way to make their developers happy.

How about a land swap? Would Beruff’s Cargor LLC entertain County Brownfield designations desperate for redevelopment in exchange for Long Bar Pointe? The infrastructure is already in place. It could even be built high enough for bay views. Have the county commissioners even suggested that possibility? What about working towards designating Long Bar Pointe as federally protected waters? Has that ever been examined, discussed or researched? 

We, as taxpayers must speak up. Urge the commissioners to find a way to acquire Long Bar Pointe and preserve it for all of us. All of us need to contact our commissioners before it’s too late.


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