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Local Government Manatee BOCC Special Meeting Agenda Results: 5/15/2012


BRADENTON -- Tuesday, Manatee County Commissioners voted to adopt Resolution R-12-113, securing WCIND grant funds for FY 1012-2013. They struggled to find Longboat Key's application acceptable, but were forced to deny their request. They vowed to find another way to get them funds. The BOCC also gave approval to a new video system for the Judicial and DeSoto Centers, but not without a few flashing lights.

1. Adoption of Resolution R-12-113 approving FY 2012-2013 grants to the Wet Coast Inland Navigation District (WCIND) -  Two of the requests not recommended by WCIND that had been submitted were: A - The Town of Longboat Key, Marine patrol for the amount of $100,000, because it supplements an existing program, and B - Longboat Key, Fire Department, for the amount of $5,000 because it was deemed ineligible by the Executive Director of the WCIND. Commissioners voted on approval of the other accepted applications recommended by WCIND. - Approved, 6 - 0, Bustle absent. (STORY TO FOLLOW)  

2. Judicial Center and DeSoto Center's Video Systems - Approval of Budget Amendment Resolution B-12- 034: Transfer $258,000 from reserves from a capitol outlay in the Law Enforcement Impact Fee Fund for the installation of video at the Manatee County Judicial Center and DeSoto Center. 


It was assumed that Qualified Systems Contracting Inc. would be setting up the new system since they are currently contracted with Manatee County to operate and maintain some of the county's existing surveillance systems. After much debate over whether this project was in fact part of that arrangement or needed to be bidded out, Commissioners voted to approve the purchase. - Approved, 6 - 0, Bustle absent. (STORY TO FOLLOW)


3. CDBG Funding Approval for 2012/13 Annual Action Plan - On April 24, 2012, recommendations were made to consider revisions to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding. County Commissioners asked Neighborhood Services Department staff to find a way to meet guidelines, yet increase funds for caregiver services for the elderly. 


Since Libraries recently experienced some windfalls in recent construction costs, $20,000 came from their improvement budget, and sidewalks took second seat to taking care of our seniors, and the budget squeezed out $40,000 more. This $60,000 increase to the Companion/Homemakers personal caregivers services to the elderly budget moved from $39,000, to $99,000. The budget was - Approved, 6 - 0, Bustle absent     

4. Neighborhood Registry -- County Commissioners requested to have a work-session to receive information to how the Neighborhood Registry worked. Here is their web page - No Action


Commissioner DiSabatino - Said she spoke with the League of Women Voters and they requested that the county help to secure the funds TBART was requesting from the MPO. She mentioned that the county might look into how Victor Woods, a motivational speaker, could help with some of problems our youth are facing. 


Commissioner Hayes - asked Deputy County Administrator, Karen Windon, if there could be a way people who give their name when filing a complaint could get their personal information out of the public domain. Windon answered, "Once they give their name it becomes public - just say anonymous."


Commissioner McClash - No comment

Commissioner Gallen - He said, "We should look into using the old jail for storage, do something with the GE building." (It's currently being used for storage)


Commissioner Whitmore - On Anna Maria Island, they play championship horseshoes. The cell tower has disrupted their spot. Could we look into moving them to the BayFront Park?

Commissioner Chappie - No comment



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