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Manatee County Commission Agenda Results: 8/13/2013


BRADENTON -- A Tuesday's BOCC meeting, commissioners voted to approve Ameresco's energy performance contract to revamp the Manatee County jail with alternative lighting, water use and air-conditioning handlers, saving the county over $9 million in 20 years. In other business, State Attorney Ed Brodsky asked Manatee commissioners to match the $65,000 Sarasota offered his office for additional positions to assist in a backlog of drug court.

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (Larry Bustle, Chairman)

INVOCATION (The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.)

1. Invocation led by Rev. David Smiley, Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church



Changes to Agenda

2. Updates to Agenda


3. Introduction of Samantha Kennedy, Agriculture & Extension Services Division Mgr. -- Samantha Kennedy has been selected to lead the Manatee County office of the University of Florida/IFAS. 



4. Employee of the Month - Rodney Terrell -- Terrell has recently moved to the utility department from Property Management

Attachment: Terrell_EOM.pdf 

Attachment: Terrell_Nomination07252013081810.pdf

Proclamations (Motion required to adopt proclamations) -- Approved, Unanimous

5. National Breastfeeding Month

Attachment: National Breastfeeding Month - 08.13.13.pdf -- Ellen Drew  

REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda) -- Pulled for vote items #7, 8, 9, 18, & 19

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)


Clerk of Circuit Court

6. Clerk's Consent Calendar

Attachment: 081313.pdf

Building and Development Services

7. Isabel G. and Gina A. Caballero, Code No. CE2004040045

Attachment: BOCC Attachments 8-13-2013 Caballero.pdf -- Approved, Unanimous

8. Carl E. Loeffler and Carl E. Loeffler Revocable Living Trust, Code No. CE2011110359

Attachment: BOCC Attachments 8-13-2013 Loeffler.pdf -- Approved, Unanimous

Financial Management

9. Budget Amendment Resolution

Attachment: 059dtd081313.pdf -- Approved, Unanimous

10. Approval of Agreement No.12-1639BG: Design Services for the Fleet/Transit Facility

Attachment: JNZPond.Design.Agreement.pdf

Property Management

11. Suburban Water Lines - Phase 3

Attachment: libertysavingsbankcontract.pdf

Attachment: libertybank812W-9form.pdf

Attachment: liberty bank812map.pdf

12. 44th Avenue East (30th Street East to 45th Street East) Road Right of Way Improvement Project Parcel 700 property owner Steven G. Gasper and Sharon L. Gasper

Attachment: contract tce gasper.pdf

Attachment: 44th Ave E 30th-45th St Loc Map.pdf

Attachment: Admin adjustment gasper.pdf

13. 44th Avenue East (30th Street East to 45th Street East) Road Right of Way Improvement Project Parcel 117 property owner Jerome D. Williams

Attachment: 117 williams admin adjustment justification.pdf

Attachment: 44th Ave E 30th-45th St Loc Map.pdf

Attachment: 117 williams contract.pdf

14. SCHROEDER MANATEE RANCH, INC. for Serenity Creek Right of Way for Pope Road Extension

Attachment: Warranty Deed.pdf

Attachment: Affidavit.pdf

Attachment: location map-Serenity Creek-Pope Rd Ext.pdf

15. Fort Hamer Water Main Crossing CIP Project #6054770. Parcel 800 owned by Gloria G. Clendenon Permanent Easement Purchase located at 11311 Upper Manatee River Road, Bradenton, Florida 34212-9710

Attachment: Ft. Hamer 800 Contract for Sale and Purchase for a Permanent Easement .pdf

Attachment: Ft. Hamer 800 Administrative Adjustment and Cost Avoidance Analysis .pdf

Attachment: Parcel 800 Location Map Ft. Hamer waterline project .pdf

16. Circle K Stores Inc. Right of Way Dedication Parcel located at 9700 US 41 North Section 18, TWP 33S, R 18 E Manatee County, Florida

Attachment: WD - Circle K.pdf

Attachment: Affidavit - Circle K.pdf

Attachment: CircleK-MoccasinWallow & US41N- Loc Map.pdf

17. BSGH 301, LLC Permanent Utilities Easement located at 6207 18th Street East, Ellenton, Florida.

Attachment: Permanent Utilities Easement - BSGH 301.pdf

Attachment: Affidavit - BSGH 301.pdf

Attachment: Joinder - Synovus Bank for BSGH 301.pdf

Attachment: Advance Auto Parts US301 Ellenton - Loc Map.pdf

Public Safety

18. Write Off Uncollectible EMS Ambulance User Fees

Attachment: May 2013 ATT A.pdf

Attachment: May 2013 ATT C.pdf -- Approved, Unanimous

19. Write Off Uncollectible EMS Ambulance User Fees

Attachment: June 2013 ATT A.pdf

Attachment: June 2013 ATT C.pdf -- Approved, Unanimous

Public Works

20. Surplus Equipment

Attachment: Surplus List 8-13-13.pdf

Attachment: Reconciliation list 8-13-13.pdf

Attachment: R-13-137.pdf

21. Surplus Conveyance

Attachment: MCSO Letter and List.pdf

Attachment: R-13-138.pdf

22. Landfill Tipping Fee Waiver - Snead Island


23. Motion to approve Consent Agenda --  Approved Unanimous  (Item #s, 7, 8, 9, 18, & 19 were pulled )



CIVIC CENTER AUTHORITY (Robin DiSabatino, Chairman)

Consent Agenda

24. Minutes for Approval

Attachment: CC20130507.pdf  -- Approved, Unanimous

25. Pageantry Magazine License Agreement

Attachment: Agreement 13-257 - for board approval.pdf -- Approved,  Unanimous

COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY (Betsy Benac, Chairman) -- No Business.

Is there a workshop scheduled? 

PORT AUTHORITY (Carol Whitmore, Chairman) 

D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request) -- Move the meeting to 1:30 -- Approved, Unanimous 

Building and Development Services

26. Ordinance No. 13-22 - Relating to Local Certificates of Competency for Garage Door Speciality Contractors

Attachment: contractor licensing. garage doors. ordinance. final. revised.pdf

Attachment: Ord 13-22 - Newspaper Ad.pdf -- Approved, Unanimous 

Property Management

27. Resolution R-13-116, Bay Lake Estates, Phase II, Utility Easement Vacation for property of Han Ferdinan Reinert and Mechtild Reinert. * Adibe

Attachment: Reinert vacation application.pdf

Attachment: reinert RLS.pdf

Attachment: Resolution Reinert.pdf

Attachment: proof of pub reinert.pdf

Attachment: Reinert location map.pdf

Attachment: AFF Reinert.pdf -- Approved, Unanimous

E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled)


Financial Management

28. Energy Performance Contracting Services for Manatee County Jail * Eschenfelder 

Attachment: rls response.pdf

Attachment: Ameresco _County of Manatee_(liability)_Cert_V1.pdf

Attachment: AMERESCO FINAL MW Aug 8 2013.pdf

Attachment: AMERESCO FINAL BONDS Aug 8.pdf

Attachment: 066dtd081313-BOA AMERESCO.pdf

Attachment: Note Resolution Document R-13-140 08.8.13.pdf  -- Tracy Gallentine, senior account executive for Ameresco described the structure of the financing and guarantee. Jim Siefert from finance described the benefits and risk. -- Approved, Unanimous (More on story)

29. Flagged Item List

Attachment: Flagged Item Report.pdf 

1st. - Longboat Key -- Approved, 6 - 1, Bustle dissent

2nd. - Green Bridge Lights -- Schedule joint-session with Palmetto

3rd. - 44th. Avenue project -- Scheduled for Tuesday's workshop



30. Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority - Master Plan Update

Attachment: MP_2013VisionUpdate_Adopted-LoRes.pdf

Attachment: 081313_MPU_AdoptionPresentation_ManateeBOCC.pdf  -- Bob Clifford, AICP, TBARTA Director gave what he called his minor update. TBARTA's planned projects are, Multi-Modal, How Will We Grow and Transport to Lakewood Ranch.

Clifford said, "The next big idea is to incorporate our cell phones and the transportation apps that will change the way we see regional transport." 



31. Commissioner Comments -- 

Whitmore -- On Aug. 26th everyone is invited to the Tropicana Food Bank party food challenge. 

DiSabatino -- Asked about the Emails going to the county attorney on the Second Amendment, suggesting the county do something about the attempts the feds are making in regulating firearms. County Attorney, Micky Palmer, suggest the county not go there for many reasons.




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