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Manatee Port Authority Agenda Results: 3/21/13


PALMETTO -- At Thursday's Manatee County Port Authority Meeting, members voted to accept a contract from Lewis, Longman and Walker to perform legal services for another calendar year. In other business, commissioners approved a "change order" for the amount of $277,853.80 to remove unsuitable soil from port property, and viewed a presentation on how CSX is modifying their route plans.

1. Consent Agenda -- Item 1-E was pulled for a later vote. Items A -- D --  Approved, Unanimous

2. Presentation -- by TransMontaigne Partners L.P. -- Transmontaigne Inc. is the leading distributor of unbranded refined petroleum products to independent wholesalers, distributors and industrial and commercial end users.


Most of what they handle is energy related. Transmontaigne has 22 refined product terminals from Virginia to Florida and west to Brownsville Texas, with an active storage capacity of 10-million barrels.

3. Presentation -- by Tim Hart -- CSX -- Hart didn't show, so CSX Industrial Development Manager, Stephanie Lane delivered the presentation. Lane displayed maps of CSX's two major routes going south out of Jacksonville. One route goes to Tampa, then east to Winter Haven and then down to Miami. The other goes south through Orlando to Miami, and links over to Winter Haven. CSX is building their primary hub in Winter Haven and sees Port Manatee becoming even more significant in their future operations. 

"CSX can take one ton 500 miles on one gallon of fuel," Lane said, and added that using rail instead of trucks for transporting goods could save a company millions.  

4. Berth 12 Wharf Extension and Container Terminal Project –  Change Order is in the amount of $277,853.80 and extends the allowed completion date by 84 days to provide the removal of unsuitable soil material in four different locations. Port engineers recommended the removal. Change Order No. 008 --  Approved, Unanimous

5. Legal Services Agreement -- On February 21, 2013 the Authority chose Lewis, Longman and Walker (LLW) over a proposal to do legal services "in house" with county attorneys, and then authorized the Port Director to develop a contract with LLW to perform legal services. Contract -- Approved, Unanimous

6. Update on Recent Congressional Meetings -- Commissioners Bustle and Baugh said they had a great time in Washington, in spite of the weather, and that they met with several Senators and Representatives. Baugh said everybody knew about Port Manatee.  

Commissioner Comments:

-- Bustle asked Port Director Carlos Buqueras, "When are we going to update our strategic plan?

Buqueras answered, "We have our Master Plan." 

-- DiSabatino asked Buqueras if the port had a policy like that of the county, where hiring locals is a priority. Buqueras replied, "Each port, it's in their DNA to hire local residents. Ports always have a good relationship with their town."

-- Chappie wanted to know if the HRK pipeline was the port's responsibility, because some of the braces looked to be having trouble. Port Manatee's Senior Director of Business, Bob Armstrong answered, "yes it is."

 -- Port Security Chief, Frank Holden, spoke about how Port Manatee actually trains other port security from around the state, country and even other countries.


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