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pinion Letter to the Editor: Plea to Protestors


Dear Editor,

I heard a tidbit on the morning news which made my patriotic heart swell with pride.  As Tampa prepares for the vast number of Republicans who will descend upon the city for the GOP convention, the city is are also preparing for the thousands of protesters predicted. How is this U.S. city preparing? Not with tanks and weapons but she is preparing for the angry crowd. with cooling stations, water dispensaries and first aid stations to care for their physical needs.

May I respectfully ask a favor of the protestors?  As you exercise your right to peaceful protest - take a little commercial break - bow your head and thank our Creator who has given us the good fortune of living in this tiny spot of the world where we are allowed to express our opposition openly. And while you are at it please thank the many who gave their lives to preserve that freedom.
Antoinette "Toni" F Parsons

Manatee County


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