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Podcast Ep. 113: Dawn Kitterman


TBT editor Mitch Maley and investigative reporter Dawn Kitterman discuss the "Real Manatee County Conservatives" attack on "old guard" Republican State Attorney Ed Brodsky. They also discuss a recent appearance by Ron DeSantis on a conservative podcast that has reignited the media's fascination with whether or not the governor is taking extreme measures to obscure his height (or lack thereof) and whether or not this is the final nail in the coffin of his faltering presidential bid.


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  • Dianna

    Another entertaining podcast!

    Sunday, November 5, 2023 Report this

  • sandy

    Listened to whole podcast when only interested in the Brodsky information. I have to say I personally don't care about DeSantis's height. My late husband for years wore cowboy boots with heels when he was a truckdriver. Drivers' license said he was 5'10". Actual height 5'8". It made himself feel better. When we moved to Florida and he went to work for the county golf course he couldn't wear the boots anymore. He had to wear work boots with steel toes and when not working wore sneakers. As someone who has been short (extremely 4'11") all my life and I did wear 3" heels when I was younger (agree with Dawn not comfortable) I started wearing comfortable shoes (flats, or maybe 1" wedge). I worked for the county and stood next to KVO and Hopes. They were no more taller than me by 2-3". What does their bios say?

    Thursday, November 9, 2023 Report this