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Schools and Education Manatee School Board Meeting Agenda Results: 11/20/2012


BRADENTON – The school board met on Tuesday to convene a regular meeting, as well as reorganize their power structure on the heels of the November 6 election.  Newly-elected board member David "Watchdog" Miner, who won a large majority of the vote over his opponent Robert Moates, was sworn in, along with Robert Gause, who was reelected in August. Board members Karen Carpenter and Julie Aranibar were nominated to Chair and Vice Chair, respectively. Aside from regular business, the meeting was also briefly recessed in order to convene an annual meeting of the Manatee School Board Leasing Corporation.


1. Agenda Amendments

ATTENDANCE (5:45 p.m.)

2. Attendance

CALL TO ORDER (5:45 p.m.)

3. Call to Order
4. Pledge of Allegiance
5. Moment of Silence
6. Approval of the Orders of the Day (passes 5-0)


7. Recognition and Presentation of Board Members Superintendent David Gayler made a formal announcement that Robert Gause and David Miner were elected as School Board Members, before the two were sworn in. 

Attachment: Officers of the School Board of Manatee County.pdf

8. Oaths of Office Administered to Board Members Family members of Mssrs. Gause and Miner were in attendance to witness their respective inaugurations.
9. Election of Chairman Dr. Gayler made a motion to nominate a Chairman of the School Board. Karen Carpenter was the nominee, and was approved in a unanimous vote. Ms. Carpenter thanked her fellow board members and the interim superintendent for their support. She then addressed the citizens of Manatee County, "many of whom are unhappy with us for a variety of reasons." She also remarked, "it was business as usual that got us into this mess...we have to change the way we do business," and that "it will take time to earn back the public's trust." 
10. Election of Vice-Chairman Mr. Gause nominated his colleague Barbara Harvey for Vice-Chairman of the Board. Mrs. Harvey expressed thanks, but politely declined the nomination, and then moved to nominate Julie Aranibar, which Mr. Miner seconded. Ms. Aranibar's nomination was approved 4-1, with Mr. Gause sticking to his support of Mrs. Harvey.
11. Set Times and Days for Regular Meetings (Passes 5-0) Ms. Aranibar motioned to approve the calendar. No discussion took place. 
Attachment: 2012-13 Meeting Dates Calendar 10-30-12.pdf

12. Board Committee Assignments for 2012 - 2013 Ms. Carpenter proposed a standard agenda item for reporting back on education committee meetings, while also saying that such a proposal would not be voted on that night to give more time for discussion. She brought up the question of whether committee assignments should be rotated between board members, or if board members should have their feet stuck into certain committees. 
Attachment: Bd Committee Worksheet 2012-13.pdf


13. Recess Regular Meeting Ms. Carpenter made a motion to recess the meeting, in order to convene an annual meeting of the Manatee School Board Leasing Corporation. The motion passed unanimously.


14. Call to Order of the Annual Meeting of the Manatee School Board Leasing Corporation
15. Annual Meeting of Manatee School Board Leasing Corporation
16. Adjournment of the Annual Meeting of the Manatee School Board Leasing Corporation


17. Reconvene Regular Business Meeting


18. Public Comment Longtime meeting attendee Peggy Martin made a suggestion that all workshops and committee meetings that are related to taxpayer money are televised so that the public will be able to view them. She also asked that, when posting school board minutes on the district's website, that the times and dates of upcoming televised meetings be included. "I think this would be the first good step to healing the community," she said.
Linda Schaich, speaking after Mrs. Martin, congratulated Mr. Miner, saying he has long been an advocate for the children of Manatee County, and a strong supporter for transparency. "It is my hope that the new composition of the board will be beneficial to both teachers and students," Schaich said. She also said that unity is not a necessary component of a well-functioning board: "A democratic board that listens to all opinions respectfully, and then the majority will be the deciding factor." She emphasized the word "respectfully," saying that "in the past, those who disagreed were discredited." Mrs. Schaich ended her remarks by addressing the board's future, saying she will remain hopeful and watchful.

CONSENT ITEMS (6:55 p.m.)


19. Approval of November 20, 2012 Consent Agenda (passes 5-0)
Contracts and Grants

20. Approval of the New Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and Blake Medical Center to Provide Programs for On-The-Job Training for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Students for the School Years 2012-2015
Attachment: Blake Medical Center Agreement.pdf

21. Approval of Amendment of Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and HCA Health Services of Florida, Inc., dba Blake Medical Center for Clinical Experience for Paramedic Students for the 2012-2013 School Year

NEW BUSINESS (Discussion Items Pulled from Consent)
NEW BUSINESS (Non-Consent Items)

BOARD COMMENTS (7:00 p.m.) 

22. Board Comments Ms. Aranibar made the first board comment, praising what she said was Dr. Gayler's strong focus on education and board matters.


Mr. Miner was next. He expressed hope that "in the future, there will be part of the agenda that will suggest amendments for future meetings. I think it's important for all board members to suggest what should be discussed for the following meeting. I would hope that we would include in the agenda for our next meeting, with consideration, our search for new legal counsel." (Board attorney John Bowen is retiring.) He also said that "...in order to have trust, you must first have openness ... we're turning the corner on that ... with Dr. Gayler and the encouragement of the board."


Mr. Gause congratulated Mr. Miner, saying that over the years he has agreed with him more than he's disagreed with him. He also spoke about the U.S. Youth Program, and that the district should make a strong effort "to make sure all of our students have information" about the program.


23. Comments by John Bowen


24. Comments by Dr. David Gayler Dr. Gayler congratulated Mr. Gause and Mr. Miner on their elections, as well as Ms. Carpenter and Ms. Aranibar on their new chairmanships. He then addressed Mr. Miner, saying that "We will right this ship..with your help and direction, the openness that you desire will be built in."

ADJOURNMENT (7:25 p.m.)

25. Adjournment


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