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TBT's Mitch Maley on The Big Picture Manatee


Join us in this insightful video as we sit down with the esteemed Dennis "Mitch" Maley to delve into the intricate details of the Musgrave property deal. Mitch, a seasoned journalist from The Bradenton Times, shares his wealth of knowledge and sheds light on some burning questions:

1. Opposition to the Original Deal:

Explore the arguments made by those opposing the Musgrave property deal in 2020.
Were the claims of a high purchase price valid? Mitch breaks down the details.

2. Win-Win for County and Landowner:

Reflect on the overall benefits of the Musgrave property purchase for the county and the landowner.
Understand why the Musgraves were reluctant to sell, especially for major housing projects.

3. Historical Context and Open Secrets:

Unearth old articles dating back to 2005, emphasizing Roger Musgrave's steadfast stance against selling.

Discover insights from the Manatee County Property Appraiser's Office and the intense developer interest.

Navigate through the 2019 Business Observer article predicting a sale over $70 million and the anticipation of a "legacy project."

Mitch addresses the open-secret perception of the property's high value and its desirability for developers.

Q: Future Development Prospects:

Despite the Musgraves' wishes, Mitch shares his perspective on whether a major development is inevitable for the property.


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  • ruthlawler

    More insight into the Musgrave property and the political maneuverings. So unfortunate that this property appears that it will not be utilized for what it was purchased for, which it is needed for and the highest and best use for COUNTY needs, not more housing. Ruth Lawler

    Sunday, February 4 Report this