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Letters to the Editor

Trump is NOT a Threat to Our Democracy!


Donald Trump is NOT a threat to our democracy. Biden and the democrats are the ones destroying our democracy! I will support Donald Trump even if they put him behind bars!

The way that Biden and his cohorts are running our country we will soon lose our freedom and will be just like other countries!

Socialism will be our future if the democrats continue to corrupt our government. They offer a positive, strong economic future, but once they are in office and in total control, the majority of the people live in poverty with no future.

Just take a look at Cuba and what happened to the citizens of that country when the positive talking Fidel Castro won the people over!

I pray that our citizens open their eyes and realize what is happening to our country, the home of the brave and the land of the free!

Mary Ann Gines
Manatee County


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  • rayfusco68

    Mary Ann, please, another blathering bit of word salad, with no facts or examples, just accusations and innuendos. Forget party lines and try to find candidates that represent the needs of their constituents. The fastest growing group of voters are NPA, those who want to vote for issues and not dogmatic rhetoric from either established party.

    Sunday, June 2 Report this

  • kat.houston

    Oh, dear. . . You know there’s a cure for ignorance. Education

    Sunday, June 2 Report this

  • san.gander

    Mary Ann,

    Take a look at Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and other "democratic Socialist" countries. You do not need to fear socialism... Socialism is an economic system, not a form of government. Democracy is a form of government, not an economic system. But countries all have both... a form of govenment; and a type of economy. This is something that should be clearly taught in high school. As an American, and from observation.... I was taught and learned all forms of authoritarian government is/are bad! There is no such thing as a truly benevolent dictatorship! I was taught the better form of government is democracy, or republicanism (representative democracy). This form allowed all the people a better chance at equal justice and economic opportunity... under just laws. Our United States is a mixed economy.... some capitalism, some socialism, and regretable; some corporate autocracy! Our system of equality under law is very much in doubt... it seems now justice only for those who can buy it !

    Sunday, June 2 Report this