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Who do you think is benefiting most from Manatee County's Impact Fee Policy?


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  • WTF

    George Kruse says it best "Who’s Increasing Your Fees?

    Their tv ad only made one factual statement. I did, in fact, vote to increase water and trash rates. Our utility bonds were going to imminently default if we didn’t increase our water rates after so many years of keeping them flat as interest rates rose. Our trash contract had long since expired and new rates were a result of 12 years of non-increases under the old contract.

    What wasn’t exactly factual is that I wasn’t the only one to make those hard but necessary votes. In March 2023, water rates were increased in a 6-1 vote. Also voting to increase your water rates…Kevin. In August 2023, trash rates were increased in a 7-0 vote. Also voting to increase your trash rates…Kevin.


    But they’ll continue saying I’m pushing to “increase fees”. What they’re really talking about are IMPACT FEES. I have 100% pushed to increase these fees which the rest of the board has held back to your detriment for far too long. I’ll readily admit to that and I’ll venture a guess, unless you’re on Kevin’s financial statement, you’re on my side too."

    Monday, July 8 Report this