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Council Corner: Josh Cramer: Ward 3


Overall, we are pretty fortunate to live in a free society. We can speak our mind—hopefully within reason, but not always—because of freedoms guaranteed to us by the First Amendment.

We are able to move about freely, with only the restrictions of time and money holding us back. We can peacefully assemble, and go to any church, synagogue, or other house of worship we want to.

I'm not going to list everything we as free Americans are able to do. But I hope that at least on the one calendar day they're officially recognized, you thanked a Veteran for defending the rights and freedoms listed earlier, and so many more.

Thanks in Heaven to my Dad, Jack (Army Air Corps in WWII), and my Father-In-Law, Ralph (Navy during Vietnam). Thanks to those I've worked with - Wilk (USMC), Bryan (USAF), Adrian (Army), KB and now, Joel (Navy) - and so many more. Thanks to those still working in every City Department.

Thanks this day and every day, Veterans.


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