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Council Corner: Ward 4: Lisa Gonzalez Moore


At the May 8, 2024, City Council Meeting, City Engineer Kim Clayback provided insight into ongoing work in one of the City’s oldest areas. Each Ward in our City faces unique challenges, and Ward 4, from a Public Works perspective, has the highest number of lift stations. Public Works engineers are currently identifying the most aged lift stations and addressing associated issues. Lift station 3, located on Riverside Drive East, is one of the oldest lift stations in the City.

Originally built in the 1930s as a septic system discharging into the Manatee River, it remained in close proximity to the river even after being plugged in the 1950s. Recognizing that current best practice is to locate lift stations off of the water, the City applied for resiliency grants from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) several years ago to help fund parts of a larger project to demolish lift station 3 and expand lift station 13 which is located approximately three blocks to the north off of 2nd Avenue East. The project, estimated at $6 million, is anticipated to increase due to rising construction costs.

The resiliency grants that the DEP awarded to the City will help fund approximately $3 million towards construction expenses. Currently, City engineers and staff are working on the first phase of the project, preparing a basis of design report and determining the engineering mechanics of the newly expanded lift station, force main, rerouting of sanitary services, and rebuilding of the collection system. The difficultly is exacerbated by the need to relocate lines located on private property due to their age. The City will work with residents to relocate those lines to the City right-of-way’s for easier access in the future. The important take away is that the engineering, design, and funding procurement components are all work that takes place behind the scenes, and residents should not expect construction to begin immediately. In fact, because construction is the last phase, it will not begin for another two years or so.

I am confident that City staff can continue to steadily progress this project, along with several others throughout the City, as we work towards updating our Public Works department and infrastructure, even if it is not as fast as we all would prefer. However, what can happen quickly is winning the lottery. The winning ticket of this weekend's lottery was purchased in Ward 4's very own Rivers Edge Publix. This serves as a reminder that there is always room for hope for a more prosperous tomorrow in Bradenton!


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  • iambillsanders

    For the record the lift stations are reversed as station 13 is along the River and started as a septic tank in 1930. Then converted to a lift station. 1.7 million dollars was approved to remove and replace this lift station on 6/24/2024 or 4 years ago. 4 years later now 6 million. As many of the other 64 lift stations of which most are in Ward 4 need to be replaced. Bradenton as of yet has to publish a plan to replace these stations and other infrastructure as an agreed requirement of the Water Keepers Lawsuit . However, Bradenton borrowed 48 million earlier and on next weeks agenda they will bond 48 million. The infrastructure will cost 100 million dollars plus and put our city in debt for the next 30 years. It does however, need to be done. This lift station recently spilled 500 gallon of raw sewage in front of my home and I was vocal about the lack of action to replace it as it was well know for years it was a mess. The City of Bradenton I believe is in a crisis with overspending on items that simply do not need to be done at one time and I do not feel the taxpayers can afford it. New Ball park 60 million...Police station 30 million. Fire station 20 million. Public Works building 10 million with property accusation. City Hall 20 million. And we have an unknown Federal Police Lawsuit that could cost millions. We simply cannot do all of this as fast as they are moving. Slow down and plan. Or our grandkids if they still want to live here simple will not be able to.

    Bill Sanders

    Former City Councilman Ward 4

    Thursday, May 16 Report this

  • iambillsanders

    Correction: Bonding 42 million

    Thursday, May 16 Report this

  • lmseybold

    Thank you, Lisa Gonzalez Moore, for moving our community forward. I appreciate your professionalism and community outreach to keep us all informed. It is truly refreshing to see someone that can get results for the community without being a bully, disparaging other public officials and the public. You and our City Council are now running as a well oil machine without discord at city council meetings to accomplish much to keep moving us forward.

    Kudos to The City of Bradenton and all of its employees.

    As for the lottery......you gotta play to win!! I missed out.

    Friday, May 17 Report this

  • iambillsanders



    This is a link explaining the 1930's lift station and number one issue for the city and this neighborhood. It is a health risk spilling raw sewage. In 2020 we approved 1.7 million and applied for a grant to match. The total cost of this project will be well over 6 million and will be a major issue for the area. It will not happen for another 2 years. I filed a complaint with the State of Florida this was a health risk to the citizens. The problem here is this: Things have to get so bad they become health risk or risk to life or quality of life before our Politicians take any action and then drag their feet to the end. However, we rush through pet projects of millions of dollars that reward selected connected people.

    WE NEED A CHANGE.......

    Friday, May 17 Report this