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Do you think Manatee County Commissioners are doing enough to collect adequate impact fees to support growth?

No 65% | 174 votes
Yes 35% | 95 votes


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  • sandy

    50% over the next 4 years based on 2015 information is not enough. They had a more update study but all of a sudden they have issues with it even though it was from a consultant used previously by Manatee County and has been a consultant for many counties in the state. Those who suffer and pay the most are the residents of the county who have been here longer than this growth explosion. The bonds the county has gotten for infrastructure will eventually need to be paid, which means an increase in property taxes. KVO probably will be gone by then so it won't be his fault according to him. This time instead of blaming previous commissioners he will start blaming those who came after him.

    Saturday, February 24 Report this

  • David Daniels

    I don't understand how 35% could say yes. I am sincerely curious about some recent polling results. I'd like to see a limited-character field where poll participants have an option to explain their vote, anonymously. I think that would be valuable. For example, I would seriously like to understand the rationale that led 167 people to say they trust this board with $30 million for anything, especially a memorial park with no recreation facilities. Also curious to have a clue as to what 47 people are basing their vote for a SOE appointment based on politics vs qualifications. My sinister side is reminded of the fake names that we saw on some of the county's social media posts a while back.

    Saturday, February 24 Report this

  • pdsinc

    Veterans need help and assistance, medically, mentally and housing. Using the name Veterans on a park name is another insult and a kick in the teeth to Veterans after the debacle over Veteran housing.

    Sunday, February 25 Report this