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Do you trust James Satcher to be an unpartisan Supervisor of Elections?



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  • Debann


    Sunday, April 21 Report this

  • CathySlusser

    Absolutely not!

    Sunday, April 21 Report this

  • rjckeuka4

    How can you trust an election denier to overlook elections??!! Just plain STUPID!!!

    Sunday, April 21 Report this

  • Graciela0107

    Satcher was a disgrace at the BOCC and will be a disgrace at the SOE. His lack of intelligence and intuition make him dangerous. And his second in command is Amada Ballard’s husband, another person of dubious character. What worries me is that the Pediccinis of this county will push him to make bad decisions with big consequences. I wrote to the gov twice asking him to be fair and keep Scott on as SOE and I imagine that Mr Bennett did the same. The situation in Manatee County is so bad that it has become embarrassing because the poor candidate choices reflect on us the voters. Please before voting study the candidates and vote for the best for our community, not along party line.

    Sunday, April 21 Report this

  • Charles

    An election in November will determine who the supervisor will be from that point — the person who should have been appointed (and whom Bennett recommended) has filed to run for the office in that election. Manatee County voters need to support him in the election campagn and vote him into office. Do your part.

    Monday, April 22 Report this

  • sandy

    I don't understand how 300 people believe Satcher will be non-partisan as SOE. His appearance at the immigration workshop was to lay the groundwork by insinuating previous officials didn't do enough to protect the integrity of the election in case there is a screw up. There hasn't been any complaints with Bennett or even Bob Sweat.

    Tuesday, April 23 Report this