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Letter to the Editor

In Praise of Our Public Works Dept.


I want to share high praise for our Public Works dept. We moved into our home one year ago. We discovered that rainwater/irrigation water pools across the entire width of a large section of sidewalk. We get a lot of walkers/runners/moms and dads pushing strollers, etc. The standing water posed a safety concern since these folks would have to go onto the road to pass by.

I called our HOA, and they said it was the county's responsibility. I kept putting off contacting the county because it just sounded like it was going to be a pain. (I was wrong!) I finally called the county on Monday, March 11. The young lady who answered the phone listened closely as I described the situation. She had to place me on hold two separate times to get more information. She was super polite, and even (unnecessarily) apologetic for that.

She came back on the line and said she had opened a ticket, and I would hear from someone within 2 days, at the most. "Yeah, right," I thought. Well, I couldn't believe when, within the hour, no exaggeration, a very nice man from the county was pulled up out front looking at the issue.

He saw the problem and said the county would definitely resolve it. He couldn't make a promise as to when, but assured me it would be taken care of. Imagine my surprise when within one week after my initial call, I came home from the office to find the work already done.

Wow. From call to completion in 9 days. Amazing! What a dope I was for waiting so long to make the call. Ah yes, humble pie ...

Kristina Skepton
Manatee County


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  • rjckeuka4

    Wow...beautiful Kristina! Great you made note of the fine service you received. Despite the leadership at the top, great to know there are still County workers who care about citizens and respond politely and efficiently to issues in a timely fashion. Must be left over from the Coryea administration!! :)

    Wednesday, April 3 Report this