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Letter to the Editor

A Sad Day for Manatee County


Thursday was a very sad day in Manatee County. For weeks, Citizens of Manatee County
urged their County Commissioners to do the right thing, and reject the Comprehensive Plan
changes that remove wetland protections, and decrease wetland buffers. There is no valid
reason for this change, not one person could say why this change was necessary, and this
change is of no benefit to the residents of Manatee County, but only will benefit the greedy

At yesterday's BOCC meeting, every citizen who took the time to attend and to speak were
all in favor of rejecting this unnecessary change. And scientific data was presented by
qualified experts to support them. A petition with almost two thousand signatures was
presented by the Suncoast Water Keeper Organization, and approximately 1,000 letters
were submitted to the County all urging our elected County Commissioners to vote NO to the
proposed changes that will have a significant negative impact on our environment, and our
existing wetlands, that serve as protection to our precious waterways. Not one person who
attended the meeting was in favor of it, nor could anyone explain the benefits to the county
that would be achieved by this change.

But all the County Commissioners, with the exception of one, George Cruz, ignored us,
betrayed us, and voted for it -- why?? Such blatant disregard for their constituents.

It makes us all wonder what promises were made to the Commissioners by the developers,
who apparently have such control over our County Commissioners, that they can influence
their votes in matters that are truly against the best interests of the residents in this county,
and against protecting our wetlands.

Dianne  Castelli


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  • Cat L

    Pretty sure they never intended to represent the people they represent....

    Tuesday, August 22, 2023 Report this

  • WTF

    You can’t make this stuff up. Hours and hours of scientific evidence that was completely ignored. When they don’t even invite in house employee Charlie Hunsicker who has a wealth of information on wetlands that was your first clue. Hire a “consultant” who is not even a expert in environmental or wetland mitigation. These voters will not forget this travesty next election cycle. I have nicknamed them “The Six Pack of Destruction” TSPD. During their campaign they were singing a different song on the protection of water, well we should inform them that the wetlands is part of our water system. TSPD can’t run from their voting record. These one term wonders will be voted out of office and all the slick 4 color postcards paid by developers won’t mean a thing to our Citizens and VOTERS.

    But the downside of being con artist is that it very hard to con. Even if the lies you tell are to yourself.

    Ally Carter

    Tuesday, August 22, 2023 Report this

  • barbaraelliott

    It's been sad days for years. Citizens and experts who worked very hard educating the BOCC Grand Pubbas have every right and reason to be angry. The folks elected are traitors to Manatee County's citizens.

    I'm not sure we can vote them out. A former fed gave me audio interview testimony given by a former law enforcement officer. The officer claims that for years "some ballots never get delivered to the supervisor of elections". There's more to this than I can tell here. I am not sure all our votes count in Manatee County. I intend to ask DOJ to monitor Manatee's next election.

    Will you do the same? DOJ 1-202-514-2000. AskDOJ@usdoj.gov

    Thanks so much!

    Sunday, August 27, 2023 Report this