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Letter to the Editor

Re: Trump Asks Supreme Court for Absolute Immunity on Election


Although most legal scholars believe the Supreme Court will uphold the unanimous ruling by a federal appeals court denying former President Trump immunity, it may not matter if the trial for election subversion extends beyond Election Day.

Should Trump become the 48th president, it is a virtual certainty he will shut down all proceedings, robbing the Supreme Court of its final arbiter status in the process. With the court unable to ensure that no one is above the law, the responsibility to uphold the principle of equal justice shifts to the electorate.

As custodians of the Constitution by default, voters must subordinate top priority issues like immigration and women’s reproductive rights to the preservation of democracy or live with the consequences of a de facto validation of Trump’s designs on absolute power.

Jim Paladino


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  • rayfusco68

    Well said! It isn't enough for GOP voters to just not vote, they need to affirm that a person like Trump does not belong in the White House by casting a vote to defeat him. I am an non-affiliated voter and although I current president should step aside for the next generation I can't imagine the magnitude of the detriment to our society by allowing a man as basely crooked as Trump back in the White House.

    Wednesday, March 27 Report this