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Tatem to Leave School Board for State House Run


BRADENTON — Richard Tatem, who was just elected to the Manatee School Board in 2022, has filed to seek the District 72 seat in the Florida House that will be vacated by Tommy Gregory. Gregory will vacate his seat after being selected as the incoming President of the State College of Florida.

"Our nation is currently experiencing the catastrophic result of the radical, liberal agenda: mass illegal immigration, a devaluation of our money supply, and a scheme for cultural indoctrination that opposes every value fundamental to American greatness," said Tatem in a press release announcing his candidacy. "Running for State House is an opportunity for me to stand with Governor DeSantis and our next President Trump to push back on that liberal agenda and to continue to empower our school boards to do the same."

Tatem, a retired Air Force Colonel, was endorsed by DeSantis for the school board seat. He defeated former Bradenton City Councilman James Golden. School board seats are non-partisan. Tatem will run for the House as a Republican.

"Tommy Gregory has been a strong leader for Florida and an effective leader for House District 72, and it is no surprise that he has this new opportunity," said Tatem. "It is imperative that we elect someone who will carry on his legacy of conservative leadership that has helped brand our state as the Free State of Florida. After a lot of prayer, discussion with my wife, and encouragement from key supporters, I have made the decision to become a candidate for state representative and to continue that legacy."

District 72 covers most of east Manatee County.


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  • EPG2002

    Another gaslighting MAGA parrot.

    Friday, April 12 Report this

  • Cat L

    I think he got all the talking points in there.... except he forgot to string together the standard buzzwords-of-fear and say the "radical" "communist" "socialist" "liberal" "gay" "trans" agenda funded by George Soros.

    Friday, April 12 Report this

  • san.gander

    Yes, a legacy of "quick march" backward to the 19th, 18th, 17th, maybe even the 16th century. --- The freedoms I want to see in Florida are not those avocated by this man... I want liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom to vote, freedom of person, but mostly for all Floridians is freedom from want! --- Let's keep all seats on the School Board non-partisan in law and focused on freedom to think, consider, and choose, as policy. Vote No on Amendment One - keep school board elections non-polictical! Honest education, not conservative brainwashing of public school children depend on it!

    Friday, April 12 Report this