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Trump Better Off Seeking Plea Deal


The media, with its reporting of fear and loathing, if Donald Trump wins the election, should shift its focus and report more comprehensively on the landscape if he loses. Trump said a “bloodbath for the country” is in store if he doesn’t win. This is a classic example of misdirection.

If Joe Biden is re-elected, Trump will not be able to put an end to the criminal proceedings currently underway, and if convicted, faces the frightening prospect of imprisonment. With the Justice Department free to carry out prosecution, Trump would be wise to instruct legal counsel to negotiate a plea bargain guaranteeing that he never sees the inside of a jail cell.

In exchange, he would acknowledge the legitimacy of the 2020 election, his complicity in the failed effort to overthrow it, and agree to never run for, or hold, elective office in the future, proving once and for all that custodianship of the Constitution rests with the electorate.

Jim Paladino


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