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Letter to the Editor

When do you stop a bar fight?


The current conflict in Gaza started like some bar fight.  A smaller “Drunk Guy” sucker punches a sober “Big Guy.” The Big Guy has a right to defend himself. Some of us might even “watch his back” to make sure none of the Drunk Guy’s buddies joined in.

But when is enough – enough?  And when is it too much? What would we do if the Big Guy started busting pool sticks over the Drunk Guy’s head?  Would we stop it? Would any of us keep handing him more pool cues? President Biden has said “enough.

Last week the Biden administration announced plans to withhold the shipment of High Payload Munitions (2000 lb. and 500 lb. bombs) from the recently passed military aid shipment to Israel.  The remainder of the arms are being sent.  

The reason is several instances where HPM were used by Israeli armed forces that are “inconsistent with its international humanitarian law obligations or with established best practices for mitigating civilian harm” according to a  report delivered to Congress.  These weapons were used primarily for offensive purposes and likely supplied by the U.S.

Biden maintains that his commitment to defending Israel remains “Iron Clad”, a reference to the Iron Dome Air Defense System that protected it from Iran’s drone attack a few weeks ago.  But he also feels that seven months of war that has killed nearly 35,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, is “too much.

The President faces criticism from both sides, which usually means this compromise was fair.  The Left wanted all aid suspended and an immediate cease-fire.  The Right wants to give Israel everything it wants to “finish the job,” an over-used phrase from the Vietnam War.

Rep. Cory Mills (R-Fla.) announced that he is prepping articles of impeachment against Biden for abuse of power. Many see this move as hypocritical, considering that he voted against the Israel aid package in the first place.

It seems some Republicans just won’t accept compromise or cooperation.  Just ask former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, or nearly-former Speaker Mike Johnson, whose job was saved by Democrats last week.

Randall Rousselo
Roscommon, MI


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